Advantages of leasing a car

Getting the right car that suits your family is really important. I write a lot about cars on the blog, because I really think it is important to get the right car for your needs and, of course the best price.

Not everyone can afford the full price to by a brand new car every time. For the bulk of us that simply isn’t a reality. There are other options available though. Perhaps you’ve thought about buying second hand; perhaps you’ve looked at buying an ex-demo model direct from a dealer; perhaps you’ve looked at hire purchase; or maybe you’ve just decided to take out a loan to buy the car.

There is another option though. What about leasing your perfect family car? Have you thought about it as an option? For many families this can be a great way of getting a new car that meets your needs, but paying in manageable monthly payments over a period of 2, 3 or maybe 4 years.

Vantage Leasing have produced a really helpful infogfraphic which might help you decide. Just have a look below.

car lease

Have you leased a car before? What was your experience?


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