Bathtime for little monsters

Bathtime with the children has always been a pleasure. All of them love bathtime and always have done. They really look forward to bathtimes, playing splashing and floating.

I do appreciate thought that this isn’t the same in every house, and lots of parents tell me that bathtimes in their house are actually quite stressful.

The makers at JOHNSON’S® know that for some little ones, bathtime is not always seen as an enjoyable game of splashing and playing with bubbles. So it’s no surprise that for some parents it can be a struggle to get their children into the bath at night. In fact, 73% of UK parents say bathtime is part of their child’s daily bedtime routine, and typically takes 25 minutes from start to finish; so keeping your little ones entertained throughout can be tricky!


To make bathtime easier and more enjoyable, the JOHNSON’S® brand is launching a special edition Bubble Baby Bath & Wash with the cheeky bubble monsters. These fun and colourful characters love bathtime, frolicking in the soapy bubbles and splashing water all over the bathroom floor. The monster characters make bathtime fun which helps to avoid those tub-time-traumas, if you have those in your home.

The Bubble Monsters are four special friends, each with their own personality, but something they all love is playing in a bubbly bubble bath. The good news is that the Bubble Baby Bath & Wash cleanses their skin without drying, and is gentle enough to use every day. The unique NO MORE TEARS® Formula helps prevent stinging eyes, ensuring a bubbly, fun and enjoyable bathtime is had by all.

Meet the Bubble Monsters!

bubble monsters

Splashy Sammy: Splashy Sammy is a cheeky Bubble Monster. He loves bathtime as it’s a chance to splash and play.

Bubbly Bo: Bubbly Bo is a very chatty Bubble Monster. She always asks lots of questions and thinks bathtime is just magical as she loves playing in all the bubbles.

Gentle George: Gentle George is a big and kind Bubble Monster. His fur gets tangled and dirty quickly, so he always looks forward to bathtime to get clean.

Messy Meggy: Messy Meggy is a very imaginative Bubble Monster. She loves to make up stories with her toys in the bath, especially with her rubber ducky.

Like with lots of things, injecting a new fun aspect into the routine or experience can often help, so if your little ones are not so keen, it’s worth a go!

The Bubble Monsters can be found on the 300ml (£3.49) and 500ml (£2.49) packs of the JOHNSON’S® Bubble Baby Bath and Wash. The only question is… which Bubble Monster will your little monster want to be?

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