Adventure Ready with the Diono Quantum

Choosing a pram, pushchair or stroller can be one of those things that totally consumes parents or soon to be parents.

Many of us go through a range of criteria before arriving at a decision. Some want what every other parent in their social circle has, some have a specific brand or model in mind that they won’t deviate from, others are only concerned about whether their selection fits in the boot of the car, whilst others want to be sure they can still get their normal daily run in whilst taking their baby along.

Whatever the reasons behind your decision-making process, they will be entirely personal to you, and that’s how it should be.

diono quantum

Rather frustratingly, it isn’t sometimes until after you’ve used something that you then realise what’s actually important. I’ve made all sorts of mistakes with purchases over the years, often it is a case of “If I’d known then what I know now” etc, but we learn from our mistakes.

After 11 years of parenthood I now know that the following are vital when it comes to a pushchair:

  • One handed steering
  • A decent, yet easy to operate break
  • A massive storage compartment
  • Something that is quick and easy fold up
  • Something that doesn’t weigh a ton to lift into and out of the boot
  • Something with a decent rain cover
  • Something that is inviting and comfy for little ones
  • Something that doesn’t fill the boot

diono quantum

What criteria did you have when choosing a pram or pushchair? I always think it’s so much easy choosing a simple stroller.

Diono has recently launched their Quantum Travel System, here is a little taster:

The idea behind the Diono Quantum is that you can be ready for any adventure, due to this easy to use multi-mode travel stroller, that just makes sense when you use it.

Quantum is engineered with clever design features to keep your baby safe, secure and protected, meaning you can focus on the everyday moments and have an easy-to-operate system of travel for your little one.

diono quantum safety strap

Created to provide the best of journeys, the Diono Quantum glides over all terrains, and features the first completely symmetrical chassis making it perfectly balanced as well as stylish.

The travel system is jam packed with features, which make being a parent that bit easier. I love this safety strap for example, just hook it around your wrist for added safety and piece of mind. We’ve all been their when we are at the edge of a busy road, or walking down a steep slope and we panic that actually our little ones are only safe if we don’t let go!

Ever wanted to keep a check on your little one, or see if they’ve gone off to sleep without them seeing you? You can with this huge viewer on the Diono Quantum. This is a really great feature, especially for the sleep-resistant children who wake up as soon as you look at them!

diono viewer

The Quantum has the best brake I have ever seen on a travel system. It is very easy to operate with your foot, but incredibly strong and effective at the same time. The whole unit is very stable, it’s not something that is going to topple over easily, even if you have a little houdini on your hands.

It can be used from birth as a bassinet, with a car seat and then can be forward or parent-facing for an older child, so it really is versatile, and will last your child from birth until they don’t need a pushchair anymore.

All they need now is a double version – now I’d love to see that! Any plans Diono?

One of my other favourite features about the Diono Quantum is the MASSIVE storage basket! It can’t just be me that gets super excited about huge storage baskets under pushchairs can it? This one is literally the best I’ve ever seen.

Sadly I don’t have two Yummy Mummy Bags to demonstrate just how big it is, but you can see from the space, I could easily fit a second in beside this one. It is wide, deep and easy to access – you won’t be fighting with it in the queue at the supermarket as you try and retrieve that toy or snack to keep the little one happy as you pay for your purchases.

diono basket

This steers really well one-handed, meaning you can easily pick up a toddler in one hand and steer a younger child with the other – as we need to do sometimes!

The comfort-factor in this is high, little ones look comfy, happy and protected, meaning that even when you only need to use this to contain a toddler, they might actually want to get in…now wouldn’t that be nice hey?

It folds down easily and you can just sling the base on your shoulder. It does take up a reasonable amount of space in the boot of the car, and small cars might struggle with this, but no more than normal with a travel system.

diono quantum

Anyone who has seen Cars 3 will know about Jackson Storm being the start of a new wave of racing cars “New Generation Racers” – well, to me the Diono Quantum is the start of a new generation of travel systems, from a brand that seems to actually understand about the day-to-day issues of being a parent.

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