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Air quality in the home – can tech help?

Air quality in the home – how much thought do you really give that?

In this modern world of busy, or maybe more accurately, ‘frantic’ family life, it can be tricky sometimes to get the basics done in a day, never mind consider things like the quality of the air inside your home.

This is where modern technology can be amazing. How many times these days do you hear people say things like “I’ve got an app that does that?” Or equally modern phrases that relate to time saving technology.

So – you guessed it, there is a something that can monitor this for us.

improving air quality in the home

Meet foobot – Did you know that your home is 5x more polluted than outdoors? Probably not. That’s why Foobot was created.

Foobot is the home air quality monitor that helps you understand what’s inside the air you’re breathing at home so you can create a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment for you and your family. You can use it to sync up with other devices such as Google Nest, Hive, Amazon Echo, Warmup, and more for automatic air renewal and ventilation.

So, how does Foobot work?

Foobot sniffs out invisible odorless pollutants and translates them into its LED display in varying colors so you’ll know at a glance if the air at home is crisp like the alpine or an actual health hazard. On top of that, Foobot can also detect causes and consequences of certain pollutants which means over time, you’ll learn what to avoid or include at home to improve indoor air quality.

You can read more about Foobot’s features here.

It’s pretty easy to set up. Just download the app, sync with the unit and WI-FI and then let the unit adjust to what is ‘normal’ for your home. This took around a week in our house for it to settle down.

From the app you are able to see when the air quality is at it’s worst and best, even the time of day, so over time you can see a pattern developing, or equally identify anything out of the ordinary quickly.

You can also programme the app so it recognises frequent activities in your home. So, for example, I noticed that when a hairdryer is used the unit turns orange. So I told the app that was the hairdryer.

air quality in the home

The unit does seem really sensitive but I guess you want it to be really, so you are getting an accurate picture of what is going on with your air quality.

In general ours seemed pretty good most of the time. The recent hot days had an impact on the readings most certainly, but in general it seems blue most of the time.

The humidity is at a normal level. It’s worth noting that if you dry your clothes indoors that can dramatically increase the humidity in a home, leading to a growth of mould, which all affects the quality of the air. We use a tumble dryer, so our humidity is well-balanced.

You can also see what the pollution is like in your area which is really interesting. It would be interesting to see where the Foobot found the most pollution.

Is this something you would consider? How do you think the air quality in your home would fair? Is this something you are concerned about? Do let us know in a comment below.

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