Craft corner: making spring flowers

Who loves spring? I love winter but there is something really special about spring I think.

Aside from the fact that it’s the season my hay fever rears its head – and anyone with hay fever will know that’s not much fun – it’s the season of new baby lambs, spring flowers and often a few days of much needed sunshine in the UK.

We’re giving a thumbs up to spring so far!

playgroups are closing

Spring flowers was something we looked at for our latest craft exercise with Bostik. The little boys wanted to make some pretty flowers out of their craft materials.

They used a small plastic cup, a polystyrene egg, some craft wire and a few foam and paper flowers.

spring flowers

They started by winding the wire around the polystyrene egg, piercing it and then wrapping it around the egg, before placing it back into the plastic cup.

spring flowers

This took a bit of fiddling to get it to balance, so they wrapped the wires in opposite directions, which made it a bit more stable and meant the wire could be bent in different directions.

spring crafts

Foam and paper flowers were placed on the opposite end of the wire, again, by piercing the wire through the flowers.

They kept adding flowers, building them up and up until they were happy with the end result.

spring crafts

Hey presto – a pot of spring flowers!

What are you loving about spring?

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