Alternatives to UGG Boots

So apparently UGG boots are back in! To be honest I’ve never stopped wearing my UGG-type boots. I’ve never bought the real deal as they seem crazy prices and having looked at them I’m really not sure they are worth it. The ones I currently have I have had for a good few years and they’ve lasted really well, so there’s really no need to go an spend crazy money on something that says “UGG” – come on people, we are better than that!

If you want warm, cosy feet this winter but don’t want to spend UGG prices, I’ve popped some alternatives below. These are all boots with good reviews and feedback from customers. I’ve pulled them together to save you time, as there are literally thousands to choose from and you can end up down a real rabbit hole, not knowing which to choose.

All of these boots above are priced between around £16 and £55. They all have a number of good reviews and many of the people who have purchased them have bought multiple pairs as they have been so pleased with them.

Lots of the boots above come in a number of colours, just click on the images to see the full range of options on colours and sizes.

Keep those feet cosy this winter!

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