Are Classic Cars Just A Mid-Life Crisis Or Can They Be Useful For Busy Parents?

I saw this question flying around on social media the other day. Initially I thought, hell yes, they must be a classic male mid-life crisis (very stereotypical of me I know). Busy parents need to be extra careful about where they spend their money and time. If you’re a hardworking mum or dad, you are well aware of your responsibilities and the needs of your family.

A classic car might seem like a luxurious distraction rather than something that benefits the entire family. Furthermore, you may view it as a sign of a mid-life crisis, as it may be outside your normal experiences and understanding. This could be a misconception though, according to some arguments I saw online.

Depending on your attitude to classic cars, they could be useful for you as a busy parent. Read on for a quick list of ways this could be possible.

Creating Social Opportunities

Owners of classic cars may feel that their interests can be somewhat niche. The common ground they have with others might be more meaningful on that basis.

For example, searching for Lancaster Insurance Services classic car insurance may lead you to car clubs and classic car events. You could simultaneously secure great coverage for your vehicle while also making new friends and developing your interests further. Looking at their gallery might be a good idea after you have your quotes, as you can see past events.

If you’re a busy parent, you may question whether you have time for these things. However, it could be possible that you’d crave an opportunity to explore your personal interests with like-minded individuals all the more due to your demanding parenting schedule. Perhaps try to reorder your schedule to make time for these events. They can be local, and a babysitter could be hired when required.

Classic cars could also be a talking point. If you have neighbours around or bump into a friend at a car park, your vehicle may be the perfect icebreaker to initiate a conversation. Classic cars can be rich with history and generally notable, so you might have plenty to discuss here. As a busy parent, you may greater appreciate an adult conversation like this with your peers.

Building Familial Bonds

Social opportunities can be more important regarding the bond between you and your child. You might like them to know more about you, but when they reach their teens, there’s no guarantee they’ll be interested to know.

As many parents can find their kid’s behaviour challenging at times, a classic car may be something that can help you understand one another a little bit better. What does the car mean to you? Does it reach back to your personal history? If you got the classic car because you have personal memories tied to the make and model, then explaining that to your children could help bring you closer.

Some parents might bore their children with overlong anecdotes about their youth. It may be difficult to talk about your past with your kids. A classic car could facilitate these discussions more naturally and help your kids take a genuine interest in the how and why of your decision to get it.

Some classic cars may have been around for a very long time. They could be around for decades more if they receive proper care. It might be that your classic car could be something you wish to pass down to your kids. It could be a meaningful gesture and potentially provide comfort and reassurance after you’re gone. If you’re a busy parent, you may not have many personal items to pass down, but a classic car could be something special.

Finding an Outlet

Busy parents can experience a lot of stress and pressure. As driving can sometimes be a pleasure of its own, you may not wish to pass on the chance for some quiet contentment for a time.

Maybe driving your classic car can be a type of expression for you? You may be able to inch closer to the part of yourself you idealise and break away from the more mundane side of your domestic duties for a while. That sense of temporary escapism could be invaluable for clearing your mind and helping you unwind. If you’re not used to the feel of classic cars, then you might temporarily feel like somebody else when driving one. Like many niche interests this has the power of escapism.

Some classic car owners may also like to engage in car maintenance themselves. Cleaning, repainting, swapping out engine parts – these may be hobbies you come to value and make time for alongside your busy parenting schedule. You may be able to take more pride in your vehicle, perhaps giving you something to look forward to outside of parenting.

A Good Example for the Kids?

As a parent, you want to set the best example possible for your kids. How you conduct yourself daily could influence their attitudes. Even as you drive a classic car, there can be something to learn.

There can be some debate around what constitutes parents setting a bad example for their children, but driving a classic car could be a good opportunity to teach them valuable life lessons. These could be:

  • To value hard work – Driving a classic car is a big achievement, and if you’ve worked hard and earned the money you need to enjoy one, it may send a message to your kids; that their hard work in life will be fairly rewarded.
  • To enjoy life as much as possible – Perhaps you should consider whether it makes any sense to deprive yourself of something you’ve long wished to enjoy. If your kids can see you be thrilled by something you’ve earned, they may embrace life similarly now and in future.
  • To appreciate what you have – You may perceive your classic car as a privilege. If you think it could be humbling to drive one, then it may show your children that they shouldn’t be frivolous with what they have.
  • To show you’re still busy – Despite driving a classic car, much about your life may remain the same. Your kids may better understand that rewards are not an endpoint and that luxuries must be continuously earned.

A classic car may help you teach your children about the world and refine their attitudes toward it. Perhaps try to view a classic car as more than just a luxury, but also a tool to flourish your parenting style with.

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