How to Give Your Kitchen Colour

Black and white, grey and grey. Two themes you would have seen all over social media if you were paying attention. Kitchen designs have come a long way from the farmhouse chic of the 1950s to the white grey and black Chrome pallets that we see today. Kitchens are supposed to be a space in which you can relax and feel good, but they’re also supposed to be a stylish space where you are able to cook. Incorporating the right tones into your kitchen is super important, but that also means incorporating the right colours. 

There is nothing wrong with a splash of colour on your kitchen tiles, or a special colour on the kitchen floor. Some people like to have a plain pallet and then choose to add flowers and plants through their kitchens. Whichever way you decide to do it, adding colour to your kitchen is going to help your home to pop and it’s going to help you to maximize profit if you do decide to sell one day. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can add some colour to your kitchen.

  • Choose a brightly coloured backsplash. It’s a showstopper for most kitchens, but a colorful backsplash can really make a very big impact on the entire room. Opting for kitchen tiles with a fun print, or even choosing different shapes of tiles is a really good idea. It allows you to polar patterns and Kitchen tiles that are colourful really can help to enhance the space, and you can make sure that the back splash reflects you exactly.
  • Add a lick of paint. You can play around with paint, but if paint isn’t your thing you can always use peel and stick wallpaper. It’s a budget friendly way to add some colour into the kitchen without having to paint the entire thing. Enhancing the island cabinets in the centre of the kitchen is really going to help you to change the colour of the room, and painting something and a lighter colour than the lower colours is really going to help. Peel and stick wallpaper allows you to get an idea of what that colour would look like without committing to a permanent change.
  • Change out your flooring. We would never suggest adding carpet to the kitchen because let’s face it, kitchen marks get everywhere especially if you like to fry your food. Colour to the floor is a very overlooked way to introduce it to the room. So, flatweave rugs or indoor slash outdoor versions of rugs are much easier to clean and I don’t need a higher pile. Choose rugs that have patterns to help hide stains as well, because this will help you to add colour and help your kitchen to pop.

Your kitchen is the hub of the home. Adding colour gives it style and personality that you wouldn’t normally find in a boring palette of colour in this space of yours!

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