Are You Overpaying for Business Telecoms?

A thriving business will need proper means of telecommunication, such as a reliable internet provider, to communicate with clients effectively. You can compare the cost of business telecoms online to see if you are paying the correct rates by using an online comparison tool.

These comparison tools will help you identify how much speed you are getting for the rate you are paying and which options you can change to get it at a cheaper price but at the speed your business needs.

Below, we will discuss the aspects of overpaying for business telecoms.

Reasons You May Be Overpaying

Here is a list of reasons your business may be overpaying for the Internet. 

You’re not getting the internet speed you are paying for

Internet speeds will differ depending on what you use it for in the business. Several factors can affect your Internet, it can determine your internet speed and its costs. These can include the computer, the router, latency, business location, and how the wireless is set up.

You might also be paying for more speed than you need

At times, businesses can pay for more internet speed than they are using or require for the company to run smoothly.

Businesses may feel that the more they pay for the Internet, the better the Internet quality will be, which, depending on the type of Internet, could be true. However, for simple tasks such as downloading files, having general Wi-Fi for the business, and responding to customers and suppliers, 25 MBps works fine.

Going after promotions and deals

Service providers can introduce great deals or promotions that seem like good deals. However, these deals or promotions automatically increase the price at the end. New subscribers pay 20% more if they are both on landline and broadband packages.  

Compare your options

Constantly comparing your options by checking internet suppliers can help you find a cheaper supply but still get sufficient internet speed for your business.

Negotiate with your current internet supplier for a reduced rate or a more affordable package while still getting the same internet speed your business needs.

Speak to other internet providers to get quotes and find out which supplier is more affordable for the type of Internet that you will be using.

Check your contract to establish how long you have been paying the rates your business is paying, and switch to a different package if possible to get a better package deal.

Purchase your own router.

Renting a router will increase the cost of the Internet if you pay for both the Internet and the equipment. To save on internet costs, the business can purchase its own router, saving money in the long run. It will also avoid upgrading to a newer router model based on the package you have taken.

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Strategies to Check for Overspending on Internet Bills 

The steps below can be followed to see how you follow the steps below to identify what you are paying monthly on your telecoms.

Compare your monthly bills.

To see if you are overspending on your telecoms bill, compare your monthly bills to see if there are any differences. The comparison will help you understand what services you have been charged every month and identify any new charges added to the bill.

These are the types of changes you can notice on your bill:

  • If you have been charged early
  • If there are any additions that you didn’t agree to
  • Any fluctuations in charges
  • If you are still being charged for any services that you have disconnected from.

Ways You Can Stop Overpaying

  • Here are some strategies that you can use to cut the business internet costs.
  • Remove/unsubscribe from all the unused features
  • Check to see if you have any third-party bills. These can be any additional services that you weren’t aware you signed up for.
  • Check the term coverage and ensure that you understand exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Do a telecoms audit to see which business areas use more Internet and how businesses can reduce those costs.   


Internet service or Wi-Fi is essential for businesses that want to contact customers and suppliers via social media platforms and other digital devices and apps. 

It would help if you were sure you were paying the correct amount for the speed you received. Always remember that you can negotiate prices and find better deals when you overspend on the Internet, which is not beneficial to the business. 


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