Are you struggling to manage the ‘admin’ of life as a parent?

Do you find that you have an increasing amount of ‘admin’ to do? Sometimes this can be hard to fit around family life and work can’t it!

A new survey has revealed that, three quarters of mums are struggling to find the time to plough their way through a string of arduous ‘life admin’ tasks.

1. Fixing something in the house
2. Going to the doctors
3. Having a hair cut
4. Booking an eye test
5. Tending to the garden
6. Doing the ironing
7. Going to the dentist
8. Posting a letter / thank you cards
9. Booking a smear test
10. Paying a bill
11. Switching to a cheaper energy provider
12. Picking up a prescription
13. Shopping for a birthday gift
14. Paying money / cheques into the bank
15. Writing a will
16. Remembering to take medicine
17. Cancelling subscriptions
18. Shopping around for cheaper car insurance
19. Dropping a prescription off at the pharmacy
20. Transferring money
21. Arranging life insurance
22. Booking a holiday
23. Joining the gym
24. Arranging travel insurance for an upcoming holiday
25. Cancelling a gym membership

A poll of 2,000 mothers with children aged 16 and under found the average mum has 20 things on her to do list.

It also emerged a huge 43 per cent haven’t even had time to visit the doctor, when they’ve needed to, due to life ‘getting in the way’. A further one in four haven’t got around to booking a smear test because they’ve been too busy! Recently a local childminder posted on Facebook that she wanted to encourage more women to go for their smear tests. She was offering one hour childcare slots free of charge to any mum – how amazing is that? What a wonderful practical way to support other women!

More than one in four women haven’t had the time to switch to a cheaper energy provider, and 43 per cent are still trying to find the time to book a haircut. The haircut one is a big issue for me, I make it once a year!

A whopping 49 per cent sometimes don’t even have time to shower as they’re so busy running around after the children. I don’t care what time it is, I always make sure I dive in the shower. Even two minutes is better than nothing. The point is though, that the simplest tasks can prove difficult when you have children. Our children come first and our own needs are often put on the back burner.

The study also found more than eight in 10 mums admit to putting off life admin like sorting out car insurance or doctor’s visits because they’re too busy.

Twenty-seven per cent haven’t had time to pay off a bill, and a third are still waiting to go to the dentist.

Nearly half confessed they prioritise what their children need above other, more personal matters which need attention, and four in 10 admitted struggling to balance a busy work and family life, according to the OnePoll research, commissioned by Well Pharmacy which has launched a free NHS prescription service with the aim of taking the hassle out of prescriptions.

Mums are normally roused from their slumber at around 6:35am, with eight in 10 finding themselves exhausted by the time they finally go to bed at just 9:43pm.

One in five mums get just 15 to 30 minutes of ‘down time’ in an average day, free to spend however they please.

More than 80 per cent have also felt unwell but chosen to carry on with their normal family routine because they felt they ‘didn’t have time’ to be ill.The research also found the average Brit is putting off seven pieces of life admin, meaning nobody has a completely clean slate.Twenty-three per cent are still paying for subscriptions they haven’t found the time to cancel yet, despite being un-needed, and a quarter have got money or cheques sitting around their home that haven’t found their way to the bank due to a lack of time. This one used to really get me – cheques would be in my bag for weeks, then I discovered I could pay them in online and it was like Christmas had come early!

Eight in 10 mums say the health and wellbeing of their children always come first and they therefore rarely think about their own health. More than six in 10 would rather put up with an illness than take time out of their day to go to the doctors or collect a prescription. 61 per cent admit life would be so much easier if they could access everything they needed either online or via their mobile the phone. I have to say I agree!

What have you been putting off?


  1. I think part of this comes from mums putting to much pressure on themselves to be perfect parents, which somehow translates into always being around the children. It’s actually good for kids to learn to entertain themselves, or to find something to do if they get bored. Mums don’t need to manage the kids’ play so intensively.

  2. It’s amazing how many times I “plan” to do something (doctors or other appointments) and next thing I know it’s 4 weeks later and I STILL haven’t even made the call! I believe we all get so caught up taking care of others and our todos that we don’t MAKE time for ourselves.

  3. I can identify with this so much. There are tons of things I need to do, let alone the things I want to do. Never enough time, energy, money, or help to do 99% of it.

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