Breast care and early detection

Do you know how to check your breasts properly? Do you know what to feel for? Do you know what is normal and what isn’t? Have your breasts altered since having children?

Breastlight can help with earlier detection of abnormalities and give you peace of mind.

Breastlight is a product I love. It allows you to see inside your breasts by shining a powerful light through the breast tissue and what’s more, it’s completely safe and really easy to use. With Breastlight you get a new view of your breasts.

Shining a harmless red light through the breast tissue, it allows you to see some of the details inside. That way you can get to know what’s normal for you, spot any changes that may occur and hopefully feel more confident that you’re looking after your body the way you’d like to.

The Breastlight is rechargeable and comes with an informative DVD as well as the Breastlight Lubricant for smooth movement over the breast.

When you use Breastlight you will see veins and other blood vessels as dark lines in your breast. These are perfectly normal.

Over a number of months you will learn what your breasts look like when lit by your Breastlight. This internal view will become as familiar to you as the look and feel of your breasts on the outside.

As with all the aspects of breast awareness the important thing is to look out for any changes. Should you ever notice a dark cluster, different to the pattern of veins you are used to seeing, this is a potential abnormality that should be checked out.

Breastlight can be used by women of all ages, particularly menopausal or post-menopausal women when the density of the breast tissue has changed. It is also useful for women with fibrous breasts that always feel lumpy.

  • Use Breastlight for early detection of potential abnormalities
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Makes abnormalities easier to spot
  • Comes with an informative DVD
  • Can be used by woman of all ages

As women, many of us have had a breast scare OR if we haven’t we know someone who has or worse. I had a scare about 10 years ago, before my children. I had put off going to get it checked out. In the end it turned out to be a pulled muscle, incurred at the gym (where I practically lived before I had my babies). 10 years on it is still uncomfortable and the only time I haven’t been aware of it has been during my pregnancies!

We all need to be breast-aware and this is a great support to do that.

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