Camping In France: Our Tips For The Perfect Holiday

A holiday is meant to be a very refreshing activity. Whether you intend to vacation as friends, as a family, or as a couple, it is always nice to plan a trip away from the daily hustle of life.

Not every holiday requires planning a trip far away abroad, holidays can of course be done within your country or region. If you live in the UK and might be thinking of camping soon, but want to go a little further a field, consider choosing first the best locations for camping in France. There are so many activities to get involved in: walking, hiking, cooking, excursions, rafting, gaming, surfing, stargazing, swimming, cycling, BBQs, wine tasting, canoeing and so much more!

Camping is a common holiday activity for families and friends during the holidays. As exciting as retreating into a quiet space sounds, unplanned and reckless camping decisions could endanger the lives of everyone. There are some guidelines that should be implemented to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Things to Consider When Going Camping 

From selecting a site to making preparations for meals and entertainment, there are various things to consider when camping especially if kids are involved, these apply everywhere, not just in France. We have carefully selected some tips, which if implemented, will help you have a memorable camping experience.

Carefully Select the Right Campsite 

There are always various options to pick from, therefore it is necessary to make the best choice for you and those joining you. Picking the right campsite is dependent on your needs, would you prefer a campsite close to the sea? One close to the city? Or a simple tent site in the mountains? Your decision should be based on your preference. Asides from your preference, there are other things to put into consideration, such as prices, seasons and facilities.

Comparing prices will help you select the least expensive campsite which offers the most services. Watch out for extra charges, such as the cost of bringing a dog along, using the showers, or connecting to Wi-Fi. If you intend to camp during the holidays, the cost might be more expensive as this is considered a ‘high season, so you should compare prices. You can then select the best places for your camping holiday in France here.

Wisely Pick a Tent

When picking a tent, consider the sizes. A small tent might become uncomfortable for you. When purchasing one, remember that a 1-person tent will most likely be too tight for you, except if you are very slightly built. We suggest that couples should consider purchasing a 3-person tent rather than a 2-person tent. This would provide extra spaces for turning and storing up camping kits and personal clothes. Instead of purchasing according to your size, purchase by an extra size to leave space for other items. There is never any harm in buying a slightly larger tent. Space = comfort.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Always practice putting up your tent and taking it down before making the trip, this way you can avoid unnecessary delays. It is much easier to put up a tent outdoors when you already have previous experience doing it. 

You can always tell those people who haven’t practiced before the trip as they often have to struggle with putting up the tent, this leads to early frustration and tiredness before the camping experience even begins – and no one needs that, it’s supposed to be a holiday!

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Make Meal Preparations 

Include food bags, foil, cutleries, plastic storage containers, extra cooking fuel, frozen foods and drinks, and lots of water and snacks in your camping bags. It is also important to know the sort of food your campsite allows. If you do not intend to cook, opt for a campsite which is located close to a restaurant or a café. It can be really useful to take a water filter bottle for hiking when camping, so you can have safe drinking water wherever you are.

Have a First Aid Kit Available 

Many campsites are located in remote regions therefore it is necessary to always carry a first aid box in the event of an injury. If a member of your group (family or friends) is under any medications, it is necessary to include those medications in the packing list, together with other camping essentials.


Studies have shown that going on a holiday and taking time away from our regular jobs can have a positive impact on physical and mental health – when you add the great outdoors to that, so much the better!


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