Can you Microwave Super Indo Kratom Based Products?


Kratom has become increasingly popular in recent times owing to the plethora of benefits it tends to offer. In a world where anxiety, stress, unhappiness, severe pain have become quite common, the traditional methods have proven ineffective in dealing with these common issues. It acts as an alternative to deal with all these issues and can help you boost your mood and energy levels.

The article will help you explore one of the potent variants of Kratom, i.e., Super Indo Kratom, and the set of benefits associated with it and will also deal with how you can microwave some Super Indo-based Kratom Products.

Kratom – The Magical Herb

Nature is a reservoir of varied science, and Kratom is one example. It tends to have historical importance as people use it for various reasons- mood upliftment, boosting energy, increasing sex drive, dealing with anxiety, stress, etc. It is a tropical tree having its origin in the South East Asian Region, primarily because the weather and climate of the region help in the proper development. Moreover, it is a member of the coffee family.

There are two primary compounds in Kratom, i.e., 7-a-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. These react with the opioid receptors in the human body. These are responsible for providing the exceptional benefits it tends to offer energy level, enhancing mood, etc.

Over time, there has been a constant increase in the variety of Kratom Variant depending on the colour of leaves, its effect, potency levels, etc. Primarily it is of three types based on the colour of the leaves.

1. Red Vein-

After leaves bloom, they form red veins. These possess the most balanced alkaloid profile giving them maximum potency. It can help in anxiety management, mid sedation, relaxing, etc.

2. Green Vein-

These are generally formed from mid-level maturity leaves and provide subtle effects. It offers a sense of calm and focus and also helps in uplifting the mood.

3. White Vein-

These are best for boosting energy levels and dealing with anxiety levels.

Apart from this, there is a varied variety of Kratom based on the place of origin. For instance, Yellow Vietnam Kratom can help you experience a balanced, relaxing, and soothing effect without making you drowsy owing to non-sedative characteristics. Bentuangie Kratom is best for its long-lasting effect. Maeng Da is best due to the high concentration of alkaloids. Again, Red Vein Borneo, though mild, is super effective. It can offer a great sense of pleasure and a relaxing experience.

The Super Indo Kratom

As is evident by the name, Super Indo gets its name from its origin, i.e., Indonesia. Interestingly, 95% of all the Kratom exported to the world is from Indonesia. The reason is the high quality of the product. It naturally grows in the Indonesian rainforest and thus, provides numerous benefits.

Super Indo has a higher concentration of alkaloids. Like any other Variant.

There are three variants-

  •  Green Vein Super Indo Kratom-

It tends to be the most popular variant and significantly helps in boosting energy levels.

  •  Red Vein Super Indo Kratom-

It contains the highest amount of alkaloids, and it helps ensure better sleep, pain reduction quality, etc.

  •  White Vein Super Indo Kratom-

You will get it from comparatively older leaves.

While Kratom tends to offer a wide range of benefits, Super Indo has its own set of benefits, for instance-

  • Better Sleep

Owing to the high alkaloid concentration and sedative quality, Super Indo significantly helps you deal with insomnia or sleep-related issues without causing any severe side effects.

  • Relaxing Experience

Due to its capabilities of reacting with opioid receptors in the human body, Super Indo provides a sense of artificial euphoria. It helps you enjoy a much relaxed and soothing experience.

  • Improving Cognitive Function

It helps increase the focus of an individual by boosting confidence and increasing motivation. It gives you extra endurance to ensure that you don’t lose your focus.

  • Energy Booster

Alkaloids help in improving the energy levels of the body. Since they are in higher concentration in Super Indo Kratom, it has proven to help boost energy.

  • Mood Upliftment

Super Indo helps uplift the mood of an individual. And thus, it helps deal with stress or anxiety-related issues.

Microwave Super Indo Kratom Based Products

Even though Kratom offers various benefits, its undesirable flavour makes it a tedious task to consume. It is one of the primary drawbacks of using the product. There are numerous ways of consuming it – capsules, tinctures, etc. The powder is one of the most popular and common forms in which Kratom is available and used.

There are various ways in which you can use the powder. For instance, you can make Tea in a microwave using Super Indo powder. In the process, you can add components like Almond Milk, sweeteners, etc., to reduce the bitterness of the Super Indo variant.

You can make Tea

1. Half-fill a cup with water and boil it using a microwave.

2. You can then take the cup out of the microwave. And stir the Super Indo powder dosage can continue stirring till it blends well in water.

3. You can again put the cup in the microwave and boil it for a minute or so.

4. Now, all you have to do is pour the Tea in another cup over a sieve to eliminate the extra or residual trace of the powder. Your Super Indo Kratom tea is ready.

Similarly, you can also bake Super Indo Kratom Cookies in a microwave. All you have to do is thoroughly combine the flour, yeast with the powder. Then follow the simple process of making cookies, i.e., after mixing eggs, sugar, vanilla extracts, butter, flour, yeast, powder. In addition to this, you can add a substance like an apple sauce mask to reduce the bitterness. You can form the cookies and then set them on a cookie sheet. It is best to reheat them in the microwave and cool them before eating. Similarly, you can bake Super Indo Kratom Based cake using a microwave. Further, you can conveniently have Super Indo capsules without any fuss.


Super Indo Kratom is one of the most popular variants among Kratom enthusiasts owing to its supreme quality and high alkaloid concentration. Even though it offers a wide range of benefits, like using Kratom for sleep and anxiety, its bitter taste is one of the most common drawbacks. However, there are various ways in which you can now consume such Super Indo by making things like Super Indo Kratom Tea, Cookies, Cake in the microwave using Super Indo based products like powder. And thus, you can microwave Super Indo Kratom Based Products.

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