Turning Your Passion For All Things Fitness Into a New Career As a Personal Trainer

Guest Post: Luke Hughes, Fitness Expert.

The culmination of being a mother, a wife and career driven can be damaging to your spare time. You need to disrupt this trend and take some time to do what is beneficial to you. A study published by Psychology Today has found that men and women who are in stable relationships such as marriages find less time to go to the gym. This makes perfect sense from a sociological standpoint. It also suggests that main variables for people being reluctant to go the gym include already having a mate as well as not having the time.  One very interesting point stated that:

“From the mid-1970’s and the mid-1990’s, during the period when adult women’s labour force participation increased, women’s participation in exercise increased dramatically”. (Nomaguch, K.M & Bianchi, S.M )

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This is particularly interesting because it shows how the relationship between labour and fitness is impacted by each other, In the case of women’s participation anyway.  This is a positive result but begs the question if the two are mutually exclusive.  Maybe if a career and fitness were not exclusive to each other a many people who enjoy both would be happier and enjoy their careers. It is important to enjoy your career because this can impact positively on your own life. There are many ways to pursue a career in fitness while making substantial money. However, there aren’t many ways into a fitness career without the correct fitness qualifications. Furthermore, there are companies who offer the resources and support in gaining these fitness qualifications that will get you started on the path towards getting paid for your passion.

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When deciding to become a personal trainer, you need to ascertain both Level 2 Gym Instructing and Level 3 personal training and you need to select fitness qualification that have been regulated and awarded by legal and professional bodies such as the ‘Register of Exercise Professionals’ and ‘Active IQ’ or ‘YMCA Awards’. These are at the peak of their respected services and will provide you with a nationally recognised qualification that will allow you to work within any personal training job role within the UK and abroad.

Remember, you want to find a provider that does not just gets you a personal training certificate, but will help you through the application and interview process following your completion of the personal trainer course.  We all need help and support when we are trying something new and not all personal training providers are of equal value. Help and support during your course is an absolute must, but helping you take those first steps into the fitness sector is where providers distinguish themselves from one another.

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We all know the phrase you get what you pay for and in most walks of life this is true. Every now and then you get yourself a bargain and to be clear contrary to what people think a bargain does not mean you paid less! It means you got value for money. If it was always the view you paid less then if you bought a brand new Ford Focus for half the price, but a Ferrari was going for just one thousand more, what would you buy??….…..The Ferrari of course, it is one thousand more for a far superior car. This is exactly the view you need to remember when picking the right course provider to do your fitness qualifications with, you find some that are very expensive for the value they add and some that are very cheap, but they lack value, this is why you need to understand exactly the service you are getting offered in relation to your financial position.

If you have a busy family life and running around the kids all day can be time consuming and your wondering how would I fit in the time to attend classes everyday? Well, you can study personal trainer courses in several ways, online, with a mentor or part-time to free up your schedule to keep running your life the way you want it. Advancements in technology enables us to attend classrooms whilst being at home and submit work without even going to the post office so you can study the way you want.

If you have a love for health and fitness, this change can make a positive impact on your life and support your family for years to come. It is also a flexible career since you can choose your hours as a freelance instructor and this is really important for us mummies out there who want to spend quality time with the children while setting a good example to them.


  1. I’d love to be a personal trainer. I like that you’d stay fit yourself while encouraging fitness in others!

  2. A friend of mine has done this and really enjoys doing, helping others achieve their goals with personal training and works around family / school life

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