CBD Oil – Are there benefits for children?

Do you know much about CBD oil? It seems that parents are now turning to CBD oils to remedy conditions, especially where conventional medication isn’t working. CBD was initially seen as a remedy for chronic pain and inflammation in adults. It didn’t take long before parents began ‘experimenting’ on their children, having read about the benefits of CBD oil.

Many parents are now using CBD oils to manage anxiety, autism, and other conditions in children. There have been reports of parents using CBD to remedy conditions such as epilepsy. According to a poll in 2015, over 117 parents reported that they’d administered CBD to their children. The results included improved sleep, mood, and alertness. There was also a marginal reduction in the frequency of the seizures. 14% reported that their children didn’t experience seizures after using CBD oil.

An alternative way to administer CBD oil to children is via CBD Gummies. As with anything, always read the label and follow guidance on quantity and frequency. You can find a wealth of information online, including, what is isomerization?

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CBD oils such as Love Hemp can help remedy attention disorders, which are often exhibited by children who have trouble maintaining focus but easily get overstimulated. There is very little research to back this claim, and in most cases, researchers recommend against it.

In 2017, researchers conducted a study, and the results were far from definite. There was only a slight improvement in brain function, markers of hyperactivity as well as symptom reduction. It will not ‘cure’ ADHD, but it appears it can help to manage symptoms that children experience.

However, reports of parents using CBD oils to manage ADHD are popping up every day despite the lack of adequate research. Most of these parents claim that CBD is effective, and it’s been instrumental in managing their kids’ hyperactivity.

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CBD for Autism

CBD is thought to be better tolerated than autism prescription drugs, which is why parents are willing to try out this remedy. Autism affects over 75 million people, and it’s a spectrum disorder with a wide array of symptoms.

Currently, there’s no cure for autism or any way to remedy the symptoms, such as social communication challenges. However, parents are gradually turning to CBD oil as a way to address some of the symptoms such as anxiety, epilepsy, and social communication challenges.

Testimonies from parents who are using CBD seem to all agree that CBD oil works. Research is at its infancy, but there is hope that CBD could be used more widely in the future.

CBD for sleep

Despite being hyperactive for the better part of the day, some children struggle with sleeping disorders. There are various remedies, but among the most effective is considered to be CBD oil.

CBD Oil alleviates anxiety, which one of the primary reasons why children struggle with sleeping disorders. According to NCBI, CBD oil is effective in blocking anxiety-induced sleep alteration.

CBD for Nausea

Ongoing research indicates that CBD oil can alleviate the bouts of nausea by inhibiting the release of serotonin. Children undergoing chemotherapy tend to experience bouts of nausea as a result of their intestines releasing serotonin.

CBD oil also inhibits fatty acid amide hydrolase- a compound that facilitates quick degradation of anandamide. This is an endogenous compound which has anti-nausea properties.


CBD oil has a huge potential to become the remedy for many illnesses that affect children, but there’s still plenty of research and studies that need to be done. Therefore, be sure to consult a physician before administering CBD oil to your child.

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