Choosing the Right Vintage Clothing for Your Style

Vintage clothing is garments with styles from 20 to 100 years ago. Even today, it isn’t uncommon to see a dandy gentleman style or 80s-inspired streetwear. Here are some tips.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Too much time is often spent trying to get the ‘right’ vintage look using dresses or tops, or whatever. If you examine ensembles from thirty years ago, you will notice that accessories play a key role, just like today. Even things like popular watch models from Casio and Timex to Patek Philipe and Rolex make key appearances in iconic situations. Take some of the best 80s movies like the Goonies, up to Sly Stallone movies like The Specialist, for example.

Keep it Low-Key

One of the hardest things about styling vintage clothes is that you might have a few too many patterns. Floral, striped, and leopard print are some of the most recurring motifs on vintage textiles. Dress around one bold piece to maintain your style and stay a bit more low-key. So, let’s say you want to wear a floral top during the day. Don’t decorate the bottom. Your look will have too much going on, which will take away from what you want to do.

You Can Mix Vintage Clothing with Modern

You might find a lot of really cheap clothes that look like they are from the past. When experimenting with your fashion at home, you can change up those old pieces by putting them together with something new and current. Balance is the key. Say, for example, that you have an old top. Wear it with shoes or pants that have a modern look. With this trick, you can still look stylishly up-to-date, but you’ll also add a touch of iconic vintage style to your look.

Don’t be Afraid to Add Personal Touches

No matter how old something is, a good style tip is to add a touch of your own personality. This will help you feel good about your style and not be afraid to use some of the things you already have. For example, you can wear striped tops if you like them. And to pull off the vintage look, you don’t have to make big changes to how comfortable your clothes are. It’s all about knowing what looks good on you and being comfortable in what you wear physically and mentally.

Go with the Classics that Never Die

One of the greatest things regarding fashion is that it’s always changing in a way that makes sense in hindsight. So, choose clothes that look like they are still in style. Some examples are shirts with puffy sleeves, floral prints, and low-rise pants. One of the simplest ways to avoid looking like a costume is to find and wear modern clothes inspired by the classics. Also, a lot of designer clothes from the past are still in style now. So shop around different stores for ideas.

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Know what you want and need to get the most from your vintage clothing. Make sure to match accessories like watches, use modern when appropriate and understand the classics.


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