Dealing with a dental emergency

No one likes having a problem with their teeth. We rely on them everyday, and when there is a problem, eating and drinking then becomes a problem too.

Initially, we might opt for some home-made remedies, but if things do not improve we should consult a dentist instead. Dental emergencies can be quite terrifying and often painful, but left alone, things can get much worse, so treatment without any delay is what you need from a competent dentist. It is the best way to ensure the teeth have the best possible chance of survival. You can consult Dr. Pagniano Dublin OH Dentist for all types of dental emergencies.

Common dental emergencies

People often fail to understand that the pain caused by dental emergencies can get rapidly worse without proper treatment. Dental problems can put your overall health at risk. Here is a list of common dental emergencies:

• If you fall or have an accident, your tooth or several teeth may loosen from the gum. In such cases, tooth extraction is the best way to get relief from the pain. You can even consider dental solutions from a dental examination west harwich.

• If accidentally your tooth gets knocked out, then do not ever touch the roots. Instead, place the tooth inside the socket correctly. A knocked-out tooth should be positioned back in the mouth within half an hour.

• Pain and infections are the most common dental emergencies caused due to cracked teeth or grinding of the teeth, or something seriously wrong in the body. The dentists are prescribing ice packs, along with some medication for pain relief.

• Some people do have the problem of tooth sensitivity; they get sensitive to extreme temperatures. A dentist must examine the cases as early as possible to avoid any further damage.

• Mouth sores range from canker sores to food, hand, and mouth disease. Any gum disease can also result in mouth sores. 

• A gum or tooth infection is not a thing that you can neglect. Initially, it looks like a pimple in the gum. Do not pop it; instead, visit the dentist.

• A tooth can break due to any reason. It is not life-threatening and can lead to other more serious issues and is very annoying. So it’s better to consult the dentist.

Immediate measures during a dental emergency

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Dental emergencies always require immediate treatment. Many times it may happen that reaching the dentist may take some time. To prevent further damage to the tooth you can try the following in the interim:

  • In the case of terrible toothache, you can use a cold compress or take over-the-counter medications to relieve your pain. You can use floss to remove any trapped particles of food.
  • For a knocked down tooth, keep it moist at all times unless you reach the dentist. You can place it within your teeth or gums or in milk.
  • Cleaning the mouth with warm water is the best immediate action you can take in case of a cracked tooth.
  • Stay upright, and do not lie flat if you experience swelling inside your mouth. You should also drink enough water to stay saturated.

For any dental emergency, it is always advisable to call or visit a dentist for immediate treatment. This is the best measure to protect you from further damage and maintain your oral health.

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