Foods to eat to help with travel sickness

Do you get travel sick? I’ve never had a problem myself but my mum used to have terrible travel sickness on boats and buses/coaches and also in the car if the road was winding. A friend of mine also had terrible travel sickness if the journey was more than 30 minutes long.

My dad used to like to tell the story of when I was a toddler and my parents took me on a ferry to Santander. My mum was so ill that she never left the cabin. My dad was chatted up by multiple women during the long ferry crossing, who thought he was a single dad travelling alone – something you didn’t see a lot in the early 1980s.

It’s safe to say that for anyone experiencing travel sickness, it can be miserable. Unfortunately, motion sickness is common when travelling and can strike without warning. Millions of people suffer from travel sickness, and it can really cast a shadow over their holiday plans.

Travel experts at Panache Cruises have researched the foods which tourists can eat safely before heading off on a journey. These foods have been shown to help prevent symptoms of travel sickness, such as nausea, sweating and dizziness.

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Eating light and bland foods low in fat, spice, grease, and acid is the key to keeping your stomach at bay and the sickness away. You must remember to eat something before you travel, even if it is only a snack. Swiss Medical Services advises that travelling on an empty stomach can make you even more susceptible to motion sickness.

It may be challenging, especially when you feel nauseous and don’t fancy anything, but eating some foods can make you feel better and help with hydration.

Here are five foods which can keep travel sickness at bay


Always pack your favourite crackers whenever going on a trip. Not only do they help reduce the stomach irritation caused by acid, but their bland taste also prevents vomiting and eases travel sickness. Some light and easy-to-digest saltine crackers are strongly recommended by our experts.


Ginger has always been a traditional remedy for motion sickness, especially with symptoms like nausea. Since it can easily trigger digestion and speed up the process of the GI tract, ginger significantly lessens the feelings of nausea and sweating, as widely proven by scientific research. Travellers also benefit from a variety of options: ginger tablets, biscuits and tea.


Having a rich source of fibre and vitamins, apples do a great job cleaning off your stomach of nausea-inducing chemicals and easing the digestive system. However, keep in mind that eating too many at one time can reverse their positive effects.

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Another lifesaver fruit recommended by our experts is bananas. Nausea and travel sickness are often caused by dehydration and excessive acid content in the stomach. By having this nutritious and high-in-starch fruit, travellers can feel the relief from nausea right away.


It is no doubt that nuts are the favourite snack of many people, thanks to the health benefits they bring. Not only packed with an abundance of protein and starch, nuts can also effectively restore your energy and defeat nausea.

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  1. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you have helped people like us. Travel sickness is a tough thing and to find a way to reduce it, is such a blessing.

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