Fun for the Whole Family: Top Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Ibiza

One of the best things you can do with the family is stay together when on holiday. Skip the small hotel room, or rooms, don’t split up the family when you can stay in a beautiful villa all together. Stay like the locals do, in style! You could even invite extra family or friends if you stay somewhere like this.

These family-friendly villas in Ibiza have all the amenities of home, a gourmet kitchen, a family tv room, a cinema room, outdoor BBQ and dining area and of course a large private pool all to yourself! Ibiza wears many hats. You have probably heard of the reputation for clubbers, partygoers and all night rave enthusiasts, however it’s so much more.

This paradise, stylish celebrity hangout, earth conscious destination and kiddie-friendly holiday hotspot has it all for everyone. Families travelling to the island will find it’s extremely easy to spend a few weeks here without ever being subjected to blaring music all night long. Actually the island’s culture, countryside and family activities provide tons of daytime fun for all ages. Choose one of many luxurious family-friendly villas and make that a home base for you and your clan. Once you’re here, Ibiza’s family-friendly activities are apparent. The gentle waters invite new swimmers. The water parks spark glow on youthful faces. Even the mediaeval forts and historic caves bring young imaginations into action.

Cap Blanc aquarium

Most kids love the strangeness of undersea life. Kids of any age will be fascinated by a visit to the Cap Blanc Aquarium. Another one located just outside of San Antonio. The aquarium uniquely features, front and centre a gigantic natural cave with walkways. Visitors can learn about a wide range of Mediterranean wildlife in their natural environment! Visit the bar outside on the terrace for a little break. The kids get to take a rest from all the excitement and the adults can enjoy a well deserved drink. This terrace has fantastic views of the aquarium.

Es Vedrà

Rumoured to be the most impressive natural landmark in Ibiza. The source of legends and myths of centuries gone by these rocks, rising out of the sea, nearly two kilometres offer the best views of this uninhabited islet. It can be quite busy if you don’t time your visit properly. Most importantly it’s a wonderful place to watch the sunset if you can keep the kids awake that long.

Any time of day the children will be enthralled by all the stories and legends associated with Es Vedrà. It is reported to have weird magnetic properties, science has since proved otherwise. Once believed to be the home of the Sirens that attempted to crash Odysseus’s ship on the rocks. It’s often the setting for Ibiza’s famous folk tales about a giant and two brothers. Many say it’s a meeting point for UFOs. So when you’re there, also keep a lookout on the sky!

Outdoor Street Market

Every Wednesday on Ibiza’s eastern shore in El Cana, near the Punta Arabí district sets up hundreds of stalls. Sellers come with their wares selling a range of home made clothes, art and gifts. Musicians dot the street to perform their live music. The area is full of life and transformed into a centre of activity. The kids will enjoy the large range of eye catching and little hands grabbing trinkets and clothes on offer.

Discover Ibiza Through Walking

If you think walking tours aren’t for kids or you for that matter then you just haven’t found the right one. What adventurer can resist the promise of a real life pirate tower? That is the destination of a half-day walking tour that includes kayaking. This tour takes a family-oriented approach. The well trained guides will keep kids engaged during the walk. A nature focused treasure hunt that blends educational and entertaining activities will be the talk of the day when you get back to the villa. After a two hour walk you and your family will come across the kayaks and paddle out to the secret caves on billionaire’s island. There are also snorkelling and swimming stops to prevent boredom.

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