Future Family Travel: The Parent’s Guide To Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are incredibly popular now. However, all the jargon can be difficult to see through, and all the options available can make choosing one confusing. Here is a quick and simple guide that should help you focus on the important things and choose an EV that suits you, your family, and your budget.

“Are We Charged Yet?”

Family road trips can be a lot of fun, and some of your favourite and lasting memories of your own childhood may well be from a long journey in the car on holiday, or on the way to the home of a distant relative. The most common refrain from the back seat is often “are we there yet?” as children soon get restless when they are belted into the back seat. With an electric vehicle, the children of today may be asking, “are we charged yet?”.

The charging times of an EV can add a lot of extra time to a family journey, so when you are looking for an EV for the family, you need to consider charging times. Not all electric vehicles can charge quickly. Knowing charge times for an electric car is important, and ElectriX can help. Their no-nonsense guide to EV charge times covers home charging, smart charging, and public charging. This will help you narrow down your search for a family EV that will keep your charge times low.

Get The Basics Right

Whether you are looking at an electric vehicle or a traditional petrol or diesel-powered car, you need to get the basics right for a family vehicle. Space and comfort are the two most important factors. When you go on a family road trip of just a few hours with small children on board, you need lots of room for all their bits and pieces. The early EVs struggled in this area. The technology was new, and many of the first electric vehicles were small, lightweight, and had a small range of less than a hundred miles.

This is not the case anymore. EVs are now more spacious and accommodating than their internal combustion-engine cousins. There are a lot more makes and models to choose from too. Make sure you cover your family’s basic needs when you are choosing an EV, and then think about a few handy features that will make family road trips a little easier.

Family Finances And EVs

There are a large number of upsides to driving an EV, and one of the biggest is the lower running costs. Filling up the tank at the petrol station is getting more expensive every year. Filling up an EV battery will cost you and your family about half as much. The only financial downside is the upfront costs of an electric vehicle, they are often more expensive than their combustion-engine cousins.

Look at all of your options. Leasing an electric vehicle makes a lot more sense, especially for families. The fixed costs are easier to budget for, and the money you save on petrol or diesel helps offset the monthly fee. When you do the maths, leasing an EV is far better for the family finances than buying one or getting a new petrol or diesel-powered car.

EVs are the family car of the future, and you can get one today. Save yourself a lot of money by switching to an electric vehicle, and make family road trips more fun and more peaceful.

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