Gift ideas for Minecraft fans

Have you got a Minecraft fan in your house? Have you started to think about Christmas, but unsure what to get. One way to approach the gifts this year could be to base them around a theme, such as Minecraft.

So what’s available this year you might be wondering? I’ve in included a few ideas of Minecraft gifts below. Are there any here that your Minecraft fan would love?

There are a couple of LEGO sets featured here, but, like any LEGO range, there are tons of other LEGO sets available too. The Minecraft LEGO sets are pretty well priced as LEGO goes, many are in the lower price brackets, starting at around £13 and going up to about £29 – I would say the bulk of the sets are in this price bracket. Your child can collect them over time and build up their own Minecraft world as they add to their collection.

There is lots of Minecraft clothing available from sleepwear, to hoodies, oodies and hat and glove sets for winter. There’s also loads of stationary around and things like water bottles, if you like to buy practical and useful gifts.

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