Growing up

Growing up and the feelings that go with it are odd really. As a child you spend the whole time wanting to be older. To be that bit bigger so you can do that bit more. As a teenager, you also spend time wanting to be older, to be grown up, so you can make your own decisions, so you can drive, so you can go to bed when you like, so you can live with your own set of rules.


Well then, you suddenly are all grown up, and after the temporary excitement and elation over this new development in your life and the novelty wearing off, you realise that in many ways its a bit crappy being a grown up a lot of the time – there is a lot to be said for the simplicity of life as a child.

That teenage period however may be the hardest part. You are almost trapped between being a child and being an adult. Expected to be grown up and deal with grown up issues, yet not actually be old enough to officially do all the really grown up stuff.

On top of that you have all the physical, emotional and hormonal changes to cope with as a teen.

I saw  recently that celebrity mum Nadia Sawalha and her teenage daughter Maddie, have joined forces with Boots and a range of other brands to reach out to parents across the UK with the tools and tips they need to have the all-important ‘teen conversation’, to try and ease through some of these issues.

Most adults have a memory of their own ‘talk’ with their parents and according to the new #TeenTalk research from Boots and P&G, this conversation can still be as difficult and uncomfortable as ever. The research reveals:

  • 1 in 5 parents are unsure about how to start the puberty conversation
  • So much so that a quarter avoid the #TeenTalk completely
  • Parents even revealed the #Teentalk was more uncomfortable than breaking up with someone (10%), doing a presentation at work (17%), or asking someone out on a date (10%)

skin genius

One of the things that can cause added stress to teens during these years is their skin. Additional stress of revision and exams can trigger breakouts or make existing conditions worse.

Teenage skincare brand SkinGenius is helping students go back to school with added confidence by helping them clear any spots, pimples and acne from their skin.

The SkinGenius products are jam-packed full of natural and organic ingredients which are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and will also soothe and calm the skin. They really can make a difference to teenage skin and the results are lasting as the products address the cause of acne, pimples and spots and don’t just mask the symptoms.

teenage skin

Although I didn’t suffer with really bad skin as a teenager, I certainly had my fair share of breakouts. I wish these products had been around back then.

The no junk SkinGenius range comprises of three products. Each is bursting with antimicrobial and calming botanical ingredients carefully chosen to soothe, treat and clear teenage skin.

  • SkinGenius Facial Wash (£17.99, 150ml) is specially formulated to help restore harmony to oily skin troubled by pimples, spots and acne. It’s packed with natural ingredients that will help banish the bacteria that cause acne while calming and soothing inflamed, infected pores.
  • SkinGenius Clarifying Treatment Lotion (£19.99, 100ml) is packed with 98% natural ingredients which work naturally to help banish the bacteria that causes acne while soothing inflamed, infected pores. The ingredients work together on the skin’s surface and deeper in the top layers of the skin to bring immediate relief and longer-lasting results.
  • SkinGenius Moisturiser (£18.99, 100ml) is rich in nut oils which work in synergy to soften the skin, manage excess sebum production and calm inflammation caused by acne or break outs.


Three really lovely products that can really offer teenagers a solution. These would make a great addition to a ‘Teen Survival Box’ – why not prepare your teenager for the things to come with a box of things to see them off to a good start? This might also be a bit of an ice breaker for any tricky conversations you might need to have.

What would you have wanted in your Teen Survival Box as a teenager?


  1. My son is just going into his teen years, and he is already worrying about spots and everything that comes with hormones.

  2. That looks a great brand but is beyond our price range for my teenage son.
    He has a few spots but no big deal, he’s very handsome and grown up; I feel old!

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