Growing up

skin genius

Growing up and the feelings that go with it are odd really. As a child you spend the whole time wanting to be older. To be that bit bigger so you can do that bit more. As a teenager, you also spend time wanting to be older, to be grown up, so you can make […]

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Choosing a high school


Moving onto the next stage of their education can be a daunting process for both children and their parents. This can also be a really exciting time however, and with some careful planning and organisation, lots of talking to your children and more importantly lots of listening on your part, the process doesn’t have to […]

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Winter wellness for preens and teens

I wrote recently about winter wellness and the need to give ourselves a boost this time of year. As part of that, I suggested giving children a hot drink of elderberry syrup mixed with water. However, an extra boost doesn’t hurt and this winter and Holland and Barrett have a range of vitamins to keep your preens […]

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