*Guest Article*:3 Unexpected and Dangerous Bath Injuries

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We all know that domestic injuries are common, and such a comfortable place as our favourite bathroom is not an exception. Although many people do take measures to avoid “regular” falling and drowning, there are 3 other relatively rare, unexpected and dangerous things that can happen to anyone in the bathroom.

Contact Lenses Can Make You Blind

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According to The New England Journal of Medicine, in July of 2019 it was reported that another person lost sight after taking a shower with contact lenses. It happened to a 41-year-old woman who didn’t remove them. The same thing can happen whenever you rinse contact lenses with tap water or bathe without removing them.

The cause of the problem are amoebas – microscopic single-celled organisms. A certain genus of them called Acanthamoeba. It is a parasite that dwells in any aquatic environment. Lens serves them as a transport to a new location (your eye). Eventually your health will pay for the trip and their further residence. They penetrate through the cornea of an eye, settle within and “redecorate” your eye. As a result, you start to have a feeling of a foreign object in your eye and become more sensitive to light. Your sight will slightly begin to worsen. The worst case scenario – you will lose it completely, and you will need a cornea transplant (averagely $20000). A surgery that requires a money worth of 2220 contact lenses. So in order to save your vision and your lens, it is good to remember to take them off.

Charging Phone While Taking a Bath Can Electrocute You

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One of the cliché “accidental” deaths in movies has been a dryer dropped in the bath of water. Meanwhile in real life, throughout the past years numerous lethal accidents have been registered because of charging cell phones that were dropped in the water. According to the news pages of Google results, the vast majority of victims are youngsters.

For that reason, it is always important to remember about basic laws of physics while entering the bathroom. Absolutely pure water does not conduct electricity at all. That makes it a dielectric – substance relatively poorly conducting electric current. However, the slightest impurity of electricity takes water into the category of electricity conductors. Thus, not only a long cord plugged into the socket can kill a person, but a power bank as well.

Lighting Can Strike You Through Plumbing

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Everyone knows that it is a horrible idea to stand under the tree during the lightning, but many people have no idea that standing in the tub while taking a shower can be just as dangerous.

The thing about lightning, is that concrete wall conducts it. It is capable to travel through the wires or the plumbing. Anything that is plugged into the wall or connected to an outside wire could become energised. Which makes plumbing in your house vulnerable to a lightning strike as well.

Since the water conducts electricity, your body might become its final destination. Besides not taking a bath this weather gives you a good reason to postpone washing dishes as well and check out some other useful tips on mummyfever.co.uk instead.

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