The Importance of a Business Being Liked on Social Media

tik tok

Businesses have long understood the importance of being liked. Many businesses go to great lengths to make sure they are liked by their customers. But what about social media? Do businesses need to worry about likes on social media? The answer is a resounding yes. So much so, that many will buy TikTok likes. And here’s why likes on TikTok and other social media platforms matter so much

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Greenhouse 101


Freshly picked homegrown tomatoes are unbeatable, as anyone who has tasted them will tell you. If you are unlucky enough to only have tried tomatoes from your local market, sooner or later you will realise how great it is to have your own greenhouse. Before you buy a greenhouse, let’s review everything you should know.

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New Family Addition: Top Tips To Welcome Home Your Rescue Dog

puppy eyes

Across the US, UK and other nations, many dogs find themselves residing in animal shelters. Fortunately, if most strays are found, they are more than likely able to find their way back to their home. Another loving family adopts those that do not find their home. More than two million dogs each year are adopted into new homes. Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience, but preparations must be put in place to welcome their arrival.

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Best baby sleep essentials in Australia in 2022

baby swaddled

Before your newborn arrives, it’s important to consider how you will actually put your baby to bed. Are you using a cot or a bassinet? Will you swaddle them or use a sleep sack? Where will your child sleep – in your room, or a nursery? Considering important questions like these ones will help you prepare for your child’s impending arrival and feel a little more empowered to tackle baby sleep time like a pro. Keep reading to find out our top baby sleep essentials to help you do just that in 2022.

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Booking a yacht on the French Riviera


If you are a regular of the French Riviera, you know the pleasure of a boat trip in the middle of the sea. The French Riviera offers splendid landscapes and a perfect setting to relax and enjoy a unique stay. To make it even more unforgettable, you can enjoy the luxury of a yacht trip and if you like the ease, Prestigious Yachting offers you the possibility to book your yacht directly from your smartphone!

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