Life in lockdown: hair and beauty

As the world begins to slowly open up, perhaps you are one of the people desperate to get to the hairdressers? Perhaps you’ve have to make a trip to the dentist? Or perhaps you are just dying to get your nails done? How have you coped not being able to do these things during the last few months?

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Baking with California Raisins

The California raisin industry produces 300,000 tons of dried fruit annually, within a 60-mile radius of Fresno, known as the central San Joaquin Valley. The UK is one of the top two export markets. The growers and packers in the Valley have invested heavily in equipment and technology to ensure California raisins are the cleanest and safest raisins in the world.

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This week began a little differently to the others, with one of the children going into school for a two hour session. Today was just for year 7 pupils. The school did a brilliant job and children seemed happy, appearing with a cereal bar and a pack of antibacterial wipes at the end of the session.

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