Why Are Brits Moving to Australia?

Sydney Opera House

Why is it that Brits are making the move to Australia? Is it because they can get better pay and better lifestyle? Or are they making the move because they want to work in a more multicultural environment? Here are some reasons you should consider making the move to Australia. You might even be able to live in a city with more internationals than your hometown. Read on to find out more.

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Everyday Healthy Living Tips for Women

a cup of peppermint tea

All over the place I’m seeing ads and articles and posts about people working on their “summer body” or their “bikini body”, talking about how it’s still not too late! I’m not working on either of these. Everyday I’m working on something MUCH more important than this, I’m working on my old lady body! Who’s with me?

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Anti-ageing beauty practices: the place of collagen and gua sha

woman caring for her skin

Over the last three decades in particular we’ve seen generational obsessions with a range of things from lotions and potions; plastic surgery, facial fillers, special facials, supplements and so on. At times you could be forgiven for thinking that there was a new ‘craze’ every couple of weeks and all because we try to might this natural process known as ageing.

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How to look after your garden

chair swing in garden

It is no easy task to keep your garden looking happy and healthy. There are a lot of different things to consider. From what kind of soil, you are going to use, to figuring out how much to water your plants, and to make matters worse it changes throughout the year depending on the weather. If you want to make your garden a success, then you need to put in the time and effort. 

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Supporting young people through their GCSEs

mum kissing teenage daughter on cheek

GCSEs are well under way now, after a half term break young people across the UK are hopefully feeling refreshed and ready for ’round two’. My daughter has seven exams left to do now, meaning she’s over half way through. She’s pleased that the remaining exams are all a bit more spaced out, in that she doesn’t have any other days with two exams in one day.

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