Home schooling during COVID-19: week 4

This week is actually school Easter holidays here, but with the weeks all blending into one, we’ve still been doing some home learning activities.


We’ve been keeping up with the children’s school reading books and word cards as normal, but I’ve also been trying to encourage the younger boys to read things like instructions on games and packets of things. Reading is reading after all.

Playing outside

Some days this week the weather has been amazing, some days it’s been a bit cooler, but overall the weather has made being outside even more enjoyable.

We are all feeling very grateful for a garden and the children have spent lots of time outside which has been wonderful.

Some days it has been warm enough for water play, some days they’ve spent ages digging in the soil or checking on the vegetables we’ve planted.

One of the children has learnt to ride without stabilisers this week too – a pretty big achievement and a job well done.


There has been lots of Easter-themed colouring going on this week. I’ve printed off tons of sheets, we’ve sent some pictures to the children’s teachers and to relatives too.

The younger children love colouring and doing craft, so we have alternated between time outside and time inside colouring.

Rediscovering toys

We’ve spent quite a lot of time rediscovering old toys, and things the children haven’t played with for a while. They’ve really enjoyed this, and they’ve made up a ton of new games with existing toys.

Time capsule

We have done more work on the time capsule this week, which the children have enjoyed. We are trying to build on it each week and preserve some memories of this strange time in history.

What have you been up to this week?

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