A Lot in Common: The Four Main Health Problems Associated With Ageing

Getting older is a fact of life and none of us can realistically halt the gradual decline that our bodies experience as the decades go past.

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There are some ways to try to improve your health and quality of living, such as fitting affordable yet super powerful hearing aids so that you can enjoy social occasions and appreciate your surroundings more, and it helps to understand what main health problems to look out for.

Here is a look at how the ageing process impacts your health profile.

A chronic problem

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It is important to appreciate that a mere 10% of senior citizens manage to avoid suffering from some form of chronic disease, which means that about 90% of us can expect to have to contend with something like heart disease, a stroke, or maybe cancer, or diabetes.

Although the odds are stacked against you simply because of ageing you can take preventative measures in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle by eating well and getting plenty of regular exercises.

Being as fit and healthy as possible could allow you to cope better with a chronic condition.

A healthy mind

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Another key health issue for older people is cognitive decline.

Millions of people suffer from dementia and suffering from other chronic health conditions tend to raise the risk of developing a disease such as Alzheimer’s.

A healthy lifestyle and not smoking are two factors that can help you to keep your mind as healthy as possible, plus, medications are now available to help manage the disease, although there are no cures currently available for dementia.

Physical injuries

As you get older, your risk of suffering an injury as a result of a fall will increase.

Ageing causes your bones to shrink and combined with a loss of muscle strength, this makes you more susceptible to suffering a fall.

Your sense of balance also tends to deteriorate as you get older and that is also a significant factor that leads to so many seniors suffering injuries when falling.

Maintaining a reasonable level of physical activity and adapting your home to reduce the prospect of injury will help you to avoid becoming one of the many who suffer a bad fall in their senior years.

Problems with your hearing

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Sensory issues, such as loss of hearing, is incredibly common as you get older.

However, the good news when it comes to a loss of hearing, in particular, is that rapid improvements in technology now make it possible to enjoy a good level of hearing if you arrange to have a suitable aid fitted.

It is also fair to say that problems with your vision can often be improved too, so you should be able to enjoy the sights and sounds around you in your senior years, thanks to some excellent technology.

Many of us have a lot in common when it comes to getting old, but at least some of the regular aspects of ageing can be addressed in order to improve your quality of life in your ‘golden years’.

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  1. Aging is one those things I have controversial opinion in. I hope to live to an age where my children are grown up and where I have had some time to enjoy retirement and life without mortgage payments. But I hope to not reach such an elderly age where I’m unable to care for myself, where I’m a burden on my family, or where the person I was is lost to a disease such as dementia. I previously worked in the funeral industry life in a care home is not one I would want for myself.

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