How Can Tiled Flooring Benefit Parents?

When you have young children at home, you’ll want to keep them safe, but also protect the condition of your home at the same time! While you might initially have considered carpet for a number of rooms in your home, it can be all too easy for this to be destroyed. You may have some apprehensions about using tiles for your flooring, however, these can be quite a good solution, especially in rooms where significant amounts of mess can be rather common.

One of the first aspects of having tiling within your home can be to ensure that they are fitted correctly. Having a tiler from Checkatrade come to your home to measure up your chosen rooms, and install the tiles, can be a great way of making sure that there are no loose or damaged sections which might lead to injury. 

You may also have concerns about trying to simultaneously look after your children while tiling the walls or floors. With someone else undertaking the work, that also can free you up to give your children due attention and keep them away from where the work is being completed. You might even want to use this time to consider ways to additionally safeguard the surfaces, such as with non-slip mats in the bathroom.

The main benefit you may reap from choosing tiled flooring can be that it can be incredibly hard to stain. Should your child be struggling with potty training in the bathroom, or spill food in the kitchen, you may already be dreading the clean-up. Knowing that it is highly unlikely that you will need to scrub surfaces and try to get debris off of the tiles can be a welcome relief. Instead, you may simply need to pick up any larger pieces of mess and then mop the surface. This may also aid with keeping your home that much more hygienic, especially if the floors are likely to come into contact with human waste.

While floor tiles can be incredibly durable and long-lasting, there may come a time when one becomes cracked, or the grout needs replacing. Unlike carpet, this may not mean that you need to have the entire surface re-tiled. Instead, it is possible to remove the broken floor tile and replace it. Due to this, you may want to consider keeping a couple of spare tiles when they are first installed. Likewise, you can also reapply grout to keep the finish chic and prevent your child from consuming or stumbling on any broken pieces. When money is an issue, especially while you try to raise your family, knowing that minor damage doesn’t need to mean excessive cost can be rather reassuring.

Tiling can help you to keep your home clean and be an affordable way of providing flooring in your rooms. Alongside this, it can be a good idea to teach your child to be sensible when walking on tiled surfaces. Overall, they could provide a great surface for your children to keep themselves clean, enjoy their meals, and even play, without you needing to worry about stains.

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