Choosing Flooring For Your Home

Choosing flooring for your home can be really tricky. You will need to think carefully about the function of the room before you consider flooring options, as certain types are much better suited to different spaces, looks and purposes.

It’s no good, for example, choosing a fluffy carpet for a bathroom – although this was all the rage years ago, carpets and bathrooms really don’t work. They are constantly damp, which can lead to smells and they are just generally unhygienic. Whilst a wooden floor can look beautiful in a lounge with a nice rug perhaps, if you are trying to create a cosy snug area, a hard floor might not be your best option.

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You may also need to consider your heating. If you are thinking of fitting underfloor heating, for instance, check that the flooring you’ve selected is compatible with underfloor heating – not all flooring types are suited to this.

Here’s a quick lowdown on possible flooring options for your home and where they can be used. If you are wondering where to start with real wood, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or laminate flooring, take a look at online flooring supplier Factory Direct Flooring for a wide range of options for your home.

Real Wood

Wooden floors are my personal favourite. They look wonderful, are easy to keep clean, especially with children around and they can add value to the property. They do however, come with their disadvantages. Wooden flooring throughout your home can make the property echo like mad. Wooden floors are very noisy and a tip toe down for a glass of water in the night can wake the whole house.

If you are very particular about your flooring, the little scratches and dents that appear over time may bother you. I think this adds to the character over time personally, but it depends how you view it.

Hardwood floors are both stylish and sustainable. You can put them in any room except damp areas like bathrooms as the moisture and humidity will damage them.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Image: Aqua Plank Ultra Manhattan Oak 5G Click Vinyl (LVT) Factory Direct Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a fantastic alternative to wood, as you can get the look you want, without spending so much money. You also don’t have the noise issue with an LVT floor that you do with a wooden one. This means you can easily use LVT as flooring in a child’s bedroom for instance, adding a rug as well is you wish.

When it comes to longevity and hygiene, they’re very strong options. They only will require a light sweep or vacuum and damp mop to magic away the mess of a busy family. Perfect for time-tight families on the go! There are also a wide range of stone and tile-based designs, so if that’s the look you’re after, this is a much safer alternative to the real-deal, which is hard on little knees and heads.

Image: Prestige 8mm Dark Summer Oak V-Groove Laminate Flooring – Factory Direct Flooring


In a similar way to wood floors, laminate flooring should not be used in areas of high moisture, but other than that they can be used anywhere. Laminate can be a good option if you can’t stomach the cost of a wooden floor. There are lots of really smart wood-like laminate floors these days that can work really well.

Laminates are DIY-friendly, durable, scratch and fade resistant, many good quality laminates will stand the test of time and the many phases of family life.

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Lots of people use these floors in their bedrooms or living areas and then use a nice rug say beside the bed, or anywhere where you might want to sit, to add a bit of cosiness and comfort.


Tiles are another flooring option I love. I especially love the huge tiles you can get these days. Tiles are great for areas of high moisture like wet rooms, bathrooms, laundry’s and kitchens. They comes in so many styles, sizes and colours and a wide range of textures.

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Floor tiles are incredibly durable and low maintenance and easy to clean. They can be replaced easily, without disturbing the entire floor if needed. Tiles are non-porous too, so they don’t contribute to the spread of airborne pathogens, which results in superior air quality and a healthier home.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of bare feet on a gorgeous thick carpet is there? Carpet makes a home feel warm and cosy and the right carpet can feel luxurious. Carpet can, however, also be a total nightmare with pets and/or kids around. Carpet stains can be a nightmare too!

As a general rule, high traffic areas such as hallways and doorways should not be carpeted. If carpeted, these areas can quickly become discoloured, stained and more worn out than other areas, simply due to the about of traffic going over them.

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Bedrooms, playrooms and family rooms or snugs are generally the best rooms for carpet. The places where people tend to sit or relax without shoes on, and those areas where people may often be sat on the floor.

If you do want to go for carpet in parts of your home, a synthetic bleach cleanable carpet option is the most practical, and a low, dense pile is always better than a thicker, plush pile. Having the carpet Scotchguarded – which is a treatment that provides a protection of the carpet fibres – can prevent any high-stain spillages from penetrating the fibres and leaving lasting damage.

What’s your favourite type of flooring for the home?


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