Treating Your Furry Friend: 6 Fun Options

Purchasing treats for your dog can be overwhelming. That is because there is a lot out there on the market, and it can be difficult to know what is a healthy treat, and what is too much for your dog. This article will delve into six fun options that could make for a great treat for your dog.

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For most dog breeds, they will love to have some fruit. There will be certain fruits, such as apples, that help promote a more healthy diet as well as a crunchy treat. The only thing you need to majorly think about regarding apples, is that they can be higher in natural sugar than vegetables and other treats, so you will need to use them in moderation for your dogs diet.

You can cut up apples and put them into a mix for your dog. Before you give your dog an apple, make sure you wash it and remove the core, as well as any stems and seeds attached. The core itself can not only be a choking hazard, but it can contain some toxins that release when digested. You can peel the apple if your dog has a sensitive stomach, or you can keep it in as a source of extra fibre.

Dog-Friendly Cookies

If you’re someone who enjoys cookies, then you’re in luck. You can now share this enjoyment with your dog. Of course, as you may know, dogs can’t eat chocolate, which means you need to find specialised cookies that are baked for dogs.

If you happen to know the recipe, then this could be something you bake yourself. However you do it, ensure that you are following a safe-for-dogs guide so that you don’t accidently use something toxic that you assume is safe. Treat your furry friend with delectable and safe options available at Mighty Munch.

Venison Strips

Venison strips are a treat that you may not have expected for your furry friend. Most of the time, you should be able to find 100% natural venison strips that don’t contain any additives or chemicals. It’s easy to think of venison as a luxurious treat, but the fact is it costs the exact same as any other meat for your dog, at least in a treat sized version.

They are not only extremely tasty for your dog, but they are also packed with healthy nutrients that are essential to the ongoing health of your furry friend. You can purchase treats just like this from places like Time For Paws. Check this online pet shop out to help find venison strips as well as a magnitude of other treats that are suitable for your dog.

Dog Ice Lollies

Whilst we all know that humans love some ice lollies, you may not have realised that dogs enjoy the same thing. Whilst this isn’t something you can easily find in a store, it will be something that you can easily make. They are a perfect treat to help cool down your dog after a warm day, or just a perfect treat to help perk them up.

There are quick and easy recipes for dog ice lollies available all over the internet, and all you will need is a yoghurt as well as something like a banana or a carrot. You can mix these up together into ice-lolly sized pots, or even use a shot glass. All you will have to do is mix them together before freezing them ready for the next day.

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Mini-Scotch Eggs

A grand treat enjoyed by Britons is a scotch egg. Fortunately, this is now a treat that you can enjoy with your dog. You may need to make your own ones that are better for your dog, but it’s best to speak to your vet first to find out what could be a good choice for them.

Dogs love treats like this, especially when it’s a treat that looks much like a human equivalent, as it makes them feel more involved. Dogs have been known to mirror their owner’s behaviour, so this is a great treat to help make that happen.

Creating scotch eggs with your family is also a fun family task that could take up a day. This is also something that your dog can get directly involved in, either by picking up the scraps or just being there for emotional support.


Away from food as treats, you could consider getting some toys as a treat. These come in many different varieties, from toy bones to anything that they can chew on. Not only does this help keep them busy and entertain them, but it helps promote healthy gums and hygiene.

In some cases, you could get a chewing toy that also has some food attached that helps keep them entertained and feed them. You can find a variety of toys that suit different breeds, so have a look around to find a solution that suits everyone.

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