How To Choose The Right Footwear For Your Little One

Footwear offers protection to little ones once they start walking. With the risk of young children’s feet being injured or ending up with hard soles, getting the right footwear is vital early on. For most parents, choosing the right footwear for little ones can be an exciting but frustrating ordeal. 

It’s imperative: picking the right footwear for your little one is very important. As your children keep on growing, they face an increased risk of blisters, injuries, and pain in their feet due to walking with inappropriate footwear. Hence, getting great quality footwear that offers proper support is vital. 

There are multiple types of footwear you can choose for your little one. They range from shoes to flip-flops and each has a specific purpose and use. For instance, sliders or kids Havaianas and the like will be perfect for trips to the beach. Wellies for muddy walks are a must and a good pair of supportive trainers or walking shoes are ideal if you are an active family.

With so much footwear on the market, how do you determine the right footwear for your little one? Whether you’re buying your little one their first footwear or they’ve outgrown the one they had (a frequent occurrence in the first 15 years of their lives); this post will make the process of selecting the right footwear for your little one a lot easier. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Look For Reputable Footwear Brands

Reputable footwear brands are known to have quality footwear for kids. This makes it easier to find great alternatives that fit your children without worrying about durability. Additionally, stores of reputable footwear companies have staff that knows all about footwear. Their expertise and strong interest in the different specialty categories of footwear will narrow down the needs of your kids. You’ll end up with footwear that offers comfort and is a great fit. 

Know The Foot Size Of Your Child

Your kiddo’s feet size is a big factor to consider when choosing the right footwear for them. There are several ways of knowing the foot size of your kids including;

  • Measuring The Foot 

The best way to determine your child’s foot size is by having them professionally measured. Since children have a quick growth spurt, it’s ideal to have their feet measured every six weeks. This ensures that they have enough room for their growing feet with their footwear. It allows your child to feel the ground through the footwear’s sole. A great tip when measuring your child’s feet is to make them wear socks to get realistic measurements. Something to bear in mind is that whilst some shoe shops benefit from having knowledgeable staff, many are sales assistants, not foot health experts, so purchasing your own foot measuring tool (these are inexpensive) to keep an eye on your child’s feet at home will be just as good.

  • Check Their Heel

Another way to know the foot size is by checking the heel. If your child is already walking, ensure that the back of the shoe should be well-fitting but not digging into the child’s heel. 

  • Use Your Thumb 

A tried-and-true method for determining whether the shoe fits using your thumb. The thumbs width indicates that there’s enough room for comfort and growth. You can do this by placing your thumb in the space between the end of the big toe and the shoe. This measurement leaves enough room for your child to move their toes. 

Although you should leave some room at the end of the shoe, it’s important to ensure that it’s not in excess. If your child’s shoes are too large, your child’s walk will be affected, and they may end up tripping. 

Consider Your Childs’s Age

Your little ones’ age greatly influences the choice of footwear you get. 

For instance, footwear for newborn infants is necessary to keep them warm. For toddlers of a few months of age, nevertheless, lightweight shoes are a better choice as they do a lot of walking. 

If your child is in primary school, you can go for athletic shoes, especially those specific to the sports your child plays. For kids of any age group, nonetheless, avoid getting backless shoes or high-heeled footwear altogether for they’re not generally developmentally appropriate footwear.

Test Them Out

One of the most important steps when choosing footwear is letting your child test them first before purchasing a pair. Let your little one try them on and let them look in the mirror. 

Then, instruct your child to walk up a few meters inside the store for the ultimate test of walkability and usability. This allows your child to feel how it is walking with their footwear. Doing a quick test run on the footwear allows you to see whether the pair of footwear is too loose or too tight. Ask them for their feedback.  

Pick footwear that gently hugs your child’s feet and allows them to enjoy walking.

Bottom Line

Little ones grow fast and they come with ever-so-changing needs including the right footwear. Choosing the right footwear isn’t always easy and some styles just aren’t comfortable for certain children. You must consider your child’s comfort over everything else when getting new footwear – happy feet, happy child.

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