Typical Causes of Road Accidents 

Drivers are typically conscientious about traffic rules and road safety. After all, they won’t receive their driver’s licence if they don’t pass the stringent examination and practical driving requirements. However, on the road, drivers know that circumstances can change easily, even if they’re doing everything by the book. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and people have to be ready to react accordingly to save life and limb. 

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Here are some of the typical causes of road accidents.

Going over the speed limit 

All roads have prescribed speed limits. Drivers know where and when to pump the gas and let their cars rip. They also know when to take it slow because of other vehicles and unknown road conditions. Most fatal road accidents happen because people exceed the speed limit and don’t factor in other drivers’ and vehicles’ tendencies. Yes, revving a speedy car gets the juices flowing, but it also multiplies the risk of accidents, even on the open road. 

Intoxicated driving

Another main cause of road accidents are drunk drivers who still insist on driving their vehicles. Consuming alcohol before driving a vehicle isn’t safe as the chemicals will impair cognition and affect reaction time. This will make the driver more prone to accidents as he will not have full control of his faculties. The risk of getting caught in a mishap is increased, leading to loss of limb and life and damage to property. It’s necessary to assign a designated driver when going pub crawling to ensure everyone goes home safely.

Beating the red light 

One of the most common causes of road accidents is beating the red light. Unfortunately, some drivers neglect the traffic signs because they think jumping through the red lights will save them time, not realising that they’re putting themselves and others at a huge risk. While some drivers can beat the odds, even a moment of hesitation can cause a huge vehicular pileup.

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