Adding a twist on your next family holiday

road trip

A family holiday is something most of us look forward to all year round. Whether it’s a week in sunny Spain or a relaxing break in the UK, there’s nothing we love more than spending time with our loved ones and leaving our worries at home. Each person’s interpretation of a holiday is different. Some […]

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Top 50 driving distractions

skoda kodiaq

Children squabbling in the back of the car has been sited as one of the top 50 driving distractions for motorists. A study by, found that the top 50 common distractions includes children fighting with each other, other road users driving with full beam on in the dark and listening to a favourite song […]

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Backseat drivers: The next generation

backseat driver

I live with a backseat driver. I mean, a really bad back seat driver. He’s three! “Go faster Mummy” “Slow down Mummy” “Turn here Mummy” “Go by these cars Mummy” “You have gone the wrong way Mummy” It’s exhausting and endearing in equal measure. Any of you guys have a backseat driver in the family? […]

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Parents! Need an eyewitness on the road?

dash cam

Have you heard of a dash cam? I hadn’t until very recently, but I was quite intrigued by them and the more I read, I realised that actually they are quite popular. Do you have a dash cam or know anyone who does? So what is a dash cam? A dash cam or dashboard camera […]

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