How to clean teenagers clothing, shoes and bags

We all know the deal, kids coming back from playing outside, completely soaked or dirty. Cleaning their clothing and shoes can be a cumbersome process.

In normal circumstances school clothing, sports clothing, bags and shoes take a battering. Whilst this is less the case during COVID-19, if, like me you are encouraging your children to have lots of time outside, you will have other issues to deal with.

What to do against sweat?

Sweat is inevitable when it comes to older children playing outside or doing sports. Your kids can obviously help by washing their armpits regularly, this will remove bacteria and reduce the smell in clothing. If your teen is sweating a lot, make sure that they only wear their clothes for one day. If their clothing does smell however, here is how to get sweat smell out of clothes?

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Soda and vinegar can help to remove smells from clothing

A quick win to get sweat smell out of clothes is the use of bicarbonate of soda. I mean, is there anything that this wonder product can’t do? Let it soak into the clothing for over an hour and then wash it with your regular washing machine. Another way to do it is by the use of vinegar. Weird idea due to the smell? True, but this substance works like magic. Soak it in for over an hour and then wash the clothes.

Now that we have tackled sweaty clothes, what do we do with leather shoes or bags that are damaged?

Cleaning leather

Leather can become damaged and dirty. This does not simply stop at shoes and bags, but also applies to furniture and car seats. Leather cleaner can come to the rescue. The substance goes deep into the pore of the leather and cleans it thoroughly. No intense scrubbing or hard work required from your side. A cleaner for leather will become your best friend if you have leather furniture and your kids like wear leather shoes.

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Deep stains?

The substance needs to remain on the surface for over 30 minutes before it can be removed. You can wipe it away and you will see the leather cleaner has done the trick. Do note that, with more intense stains such as ink or nail polish, you will need more intensive cleaner. An example of such a substance is acetone. Using such a substance will also damage the finishing layer, requiring you to put on some additional protective substance.

Leather cleaner, soda and vinegar can make your life a lot easier. No more hassle with cleaning the clothing of your kids, but a hands-on approach that makes it easy to overcome.

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