How to make Unicorn Yoghurt Bark

If you are a regular reader you may have seen my recent recipe for valentine’s yoghurt bark. Super quick and simple with only a few ingredients, and something easy to make with the children.

We’ve adapted the recipe this week and made some unicorn bark. Again, this is very simple.

You will need

Yoghurt (I use natural, but you can use whatever you prefer)



Food colouring (blue, pink and purple)


What to do

Separate the yoghurt into three separate bowls 

Colour one with pink, one with blue and one with purple food colouring 

Line a Pyrex or baking tray with greaseproof paper 

Pour in all mixed yoghurt and swirl (don’t mix) together 

Push blueberries into the mixture 

Drizzle with honey

Scatter with sprinkles

Freeze for 4 hours or overnight 

Chop into pieces and enjoy!

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