How to Make Your Foster Child Feel Loved

Making a foster child feel loved is one of the most important things foster carers can do. Often, past experiences can influence the relationships between a foster carer and a foster child, making the foster carer think differently about how to show their love. If you are a foster carer looking for advice, here are some of the things you can do.

Spend Time with Them

Spending time with foster children is underrated, and many foster carers do not spend as much time with their foster children as they perhaps should. This can happen where one person in a couple works, and the other is the primary foster carer. Foster carers should try to find time to spend one-on-one with their foster children.

There is so much you can do together during this time, including playing games, going for drives or walks, and even just sitting and talking. Spend this time with them to ensure they know you are there for them and that you care about their well-being.

Provide Them with a Safe Space

Going to a new home can make foster children feel a little uncertain due to the unfamiliarity they experience when they first arrive. Make it clear that they are welcome in the home and include them in various activities such as during game or movie night. While doing this, creating a safe space just for them is also vital. Understandably, some foster children can get overwhelmed due to how things are changing around them, and they need a safe space to spend time alone.

When creating this space, you can add comforting elements. You can ask them what they want you to include so they feel they are part of the process. Asking them what they want is especially important because foster children have different needs. For example, they might need a nightlight beside their bed because they do not like sleeping in the dark.

Listen to Them

Listening to what a foster child has to say is especially important because they need an outlet for whatever they are feeling or thinking. If they share their past or something else with you, listen to them so you understand what they are saying and feeling at that moment. They might not be open to talking to you at first, but being there for them will show them that you are always ready and willing to listen to what they have to say. Doing so also shows them they are safe with you and that you care.

Buy a Meaningful Gift

Everyone has preferences, but you can always find something that your foster child will like. For anyone fostering in Wigan, you can use the allowance from the fostering agency to get them something they will like. Just ensure you get something they will appreciate and that makes a significant difference in their life.

Foster children, just like other children, require love, care and understanding. As a foster carer, you should provide an environment that makes them feel welcome, not alienated, cared for and loved.

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  1. Foster parenting can be both rewarding and challenging, and making a foster child feel loved is an important part of the experience. This article provides practical tips on how to make a foster child feel welcomed and valued in your home. From creating a safe and comfortable space to showing affection and providing positive reinforcement, there are many ways to show a foster child that they are an important part of your family. For additional support and guidance on fostering, consider consulting with an expert on ExpertToday.

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