How to Make Your Foster Child Feel Loved

supporting a foster child

Making a foster child feel loved is one of the most important things foster carers can do. Often, past experiences can influence the relationships between a foster carer and a foster child, making the foster carer think differently about how to show their love. If you are a foster carer looking for advice, here are some of the things you can do.

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Tips That Will Help Your Foster Child Feel Comfortable in the Home

Have you recently welcomed a new foster child into your home? Do you want to be sure things go as smoothly as possible for them and they feel comfortable in their new surroundings? It’s a concern all foster carers have, as your main priority as a carer is to give children a stable, secure and comfortable home. With that said, these tips can help you in the initial days and weeks as the entire household gets to know each other better and your foster child settles in.

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