How To Save Money On Your Wedding In 2023

A wedding is something that can cost a fortune, especially if you don’t allocate yourself a budget for the big day. You are easily able to overspend if you’re not careful, so it’s important to be wise with the money you’re looking to spend on this life event.

Saving money is challenging with a wedding but it can be done on a limited budget, so long as you’re prepared to search high and low. As well as cutting some of the suppliers, there are ways to save money. Here are some top tips for cutting down your wedding day expenses in 2023.

Keep your wedding to one venue

Some wedding couples choose to split their wedding day over two venues. The first venue is where they get married and the other is for the wedding reception, along with the remainder of the wedding day.

While this might be a great opportunity to make the day more interesting in its layout, it becomes a lot more costly. Not only are you paying for one venue, you’re paying for two, which could double your costs for the venue budget alone. Try keeping your wedding to just one venue if you’re able to.

Limit your wedding guest list

A wedding guest list is something that soon spirals out of control if you’re not careful. Aside from your own choice of guests, you may have family members trying to get involved when it comes to adding people to the list. All of a sudden, you’ve got twenty to thirty more guests coming than planned.

Try to limit your wedding guest list, especially those coming during the day. Day guests are always going to be more expensive so it’s good to look at it from a financial point of view. Can you justify spending the money on those people?

Have a weekday wedding

A weekday wedding is always going to be more affordable than a weekend. As the weekend is a premium time for wedding venues, you’ll likely find they ramp up their prices as a result. With that being said, it’s worth looking at the option of having a weekday wedding if possible.

Be selective with your suppliers

Suppliers are going to be available abundantly, which gives you a bit of an advantage as a customer. It’s good to be selective with your suppliers, whether that’s in relation to your wedding cakes, photographer, catering, or bridal and groom attire.

Do some exploring and find the ones that you need, rather than want in order to reduce costs.

Get lots of quotes

Finally, be sure to get lots of quotes when it comes to your wedding suppliers. That way, you maximise every opportunity and you’ll likely find the best price which could save some money. While it might take a while to do this, it does pay off.

Saving money on a wedding is definitely doable, so make sure you try and save the cash where you can for your wedding in the future.

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