How to use rugs when decorating a child’s bedroom

Decorating your child’s first bedroom should be a pleasurable experience, deciding on all of the little features and trinkets that they’ll grow to love and that will spark their imagination – but making sure the bedroom is also practical is also a big part of the process.

Think practically so that the space can stay clutter free and be easy to clean. When it comes to adding furniture you want to think along those lines;  something they’ll love and something that is practical.

A rug is a great little addition as it can help to keep the carpet clean (and crayon free) and it can make cleaning the floor easier. What’s more there are some childrens play rugs with patterns that can make the rug a feature that they will low, as much as a nice decoration.

For help finding the perfect rug for your child’s bedroom check out this great below infographic put together by our friends from

What sort of rugs do you have?

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