Ideas for cheap summer activities with the children

The summer holidays are fast approaching. Not that we’ve really had proper term time for 18 months now anyway. With two out of four children currently isolating due to their bubbles at school having positive cases, and May Half Term having not long happened, I’m feeling a little unprepared for the start of the holidays

In a bid to get organised, I’ve been trying to remind myself of all of the things we can do, but especially the things that don’t cost a fortune. I’ve shared some of these below in case they are helpful.

Park Tour

A park tour is a great way to spend the day with children. Depending on how far you want to travel and how many parks you have in your area, you could spend more than a day doing this during the holidays.

Simply pack a picnic and our your local parks, spending 45 minutes to an hour at each one before you move on. It keeps things varied and keeps the pace of the day moving. It’s nice because each park will be slightly different, so it will challenge your children in different ways.

Water Fight

No summer would be complete without a couple of water fights now would it? If you have water guns or super soakers then that’s perfect, but you don’t need them. Rinse out some used plastic bottles and try those or let them throw wet sponges around your garden. However you do it, I promise they will remember it as one of the best days of their summer.

Scavenger Hunt

I love doing these with the children. If you search online you can print off ready done sheets, or, you could just make your own. No need for a printer, if you don’t have one, just draw a grid on some paper and think up a few things for them to find.

You can either do this in your garden or when you go out for a walk.

Family Game Night

Quite simply, get everyone to pick a game each and take it in turns to play their game of choice. This works as an evening activity instead of watching a movie, but it’s also great for a rainy day.

Family Football/Rounders/Cricket 

If there are a few of you in your family, or you are planning to meet up with extended family or friends over the summer, you could suggest a game of football, or rounders or even cricket, depending on the ages of everyone and what you think would work out the best.

Roasting Marshmallows 

No childhood is complete without having the chance to roast marshmallows. Again, no specialist equipment is needed for this. If you have a fire pit, chimenea, or BBQ, then that’s great, but you can also just make a little fire yourself – just make sure the children are supervised during the marshmallow toasting!

Reading Challenge 

Perhaps you can challenge your children to read a certain number of books during the summer holiday? Perhaps they can challenge you? If they like to read OR if they need to improve their reading skills, a challenge might help.

Sunset Walk

How about a sunset walk? Get those PJs and wellies on and head out of the door to watch the sun go down as you walk off the day.

Sunrise With A Picnic Breakfast 

If you have a bunch of early risers, pack up their breakfast and head out the door for a sunrise picnic! Again, so simple but it’s really something that children remember!

Fashion Show

Can your children put on a fashion show? Can they try on all their clothes and put together a fashion show will all the items for you to watch at the end of the day?

The bonus of this for parents is that this ‘fashion show’ can double up as a good trying on and clearing out session, as you can eliminate anything that’s got too small or isn’t being worn.

Growing Plants Or Vegetables 

We started this last year and things are now starting to grow. It’s a bit of trial and error, but some children really like getting involved in this kind of thing.

Visit Country Parks

Country parks are all over the place. Have a look online and find the ones near you, or even in somewhere you plan to visit over the summer. You will be able to walk, bike, scoot, roller skate, hunt for bugs and even build a den in the woods.

Visit The Beach

We are lucky to live close to the beach, but this summer we plan to explore some beaches a little further away. Perhaps you don’t live too far from a beach, or perhaps you live close enough to one that you could get there and back in one day?

Whatever your situation, you just need a picnic, some sunscreen and that bucket and spade for a day out to remember!

Have a great summer!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. We also love to play games such as badminton and croquet, either as individuals or teams.

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