LARGE family travel options

As a family of six we are considered a LARGE family. Our family doesn’t feel especially large to me, as it is just our family and our own version of perfect. However, we are considered larger than the average family.

Most places you go to that have ‘family’ rooms or ‘family’ tickets consider a ‘family’ to be two adults and two children. That is most certainly the norm. Occasionally I will see options for two adults and three children or sometimes one adult and three children…but NEVER two adults and four children.

family walk

The bulk of hotel rooms are not designed for more than the standard, average family. Occasionally we find a gem, but again that is rare. Often apartments are a better bet as they offer more space and you just book the apartment not for a number of people.

Some countries, or cities are better than others, but generally I do feel this is an issue all over the world.

Now, I get that us LARGE families aren’t the bulk of families out there wanting to travel, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to. I do feel that there is a gap in the market, more companies need to be looking at this.

I’ve picked out a few cities to show what is available, but travel companies and hotels all over the world need to be more inclusive. You are missing out on business by excluding us LARGE families!

New York

The Double Tree Suites: Times Square have rooms with two doubles and a sofa sleeper, plus the added bonus of fridge and microwave


Homewood Suites: Downtown Dallas have rooms with two queens and a sofa sleeper, plus an indoor pool, breakfast buffet and free local shuttle


Citadines: Trafalgar Square have two bedroom apartments with kitchens


Hotel Helzear Rive Gauche have a range of options including two queens and a sofa sleeper and rooms with a kitchenette


The York by Swiss-Belhotel International have large rooms with a double, a queen and a sofa sleeper, plus washer/dryer, kitchenette and local shuttle


Staycity Serviced Apartments have a range of sleeping options including two doubles, a single and a sofa sleeper, plus kitchen and washing machine


Homewood Suites Toronto Vaughan have rooms with one king, two queens and a sofa sleeper, plus free breakfast, indoor pool and kitchen


Quality Hotel Parnell have rooms with two queens and double, free breakfast and a kitchenette


Have you found any gems of places to stay with a LARGE family or have you struggled to fine suitable places?


  1. this is a concern now for us, now my 3rd child is over 1. we managed to squeeze 5 of us and 2 grandparents in the biggest caravan we could find this year but have gone with a cottage next year. the leap in price is a bit steep though 🙁

  2. So true
    Can be difficult to find suitable accommodation for larger families
    We normally get apartments but prices can be extortionate

  3. We have three, and I am worried that once our youngest is two we are going to have massive problems with this. Particularly with finding somewhere to stay! I imagine places for four are non existent…or incredibly expensive. We will definitely be having one more, so these tips are good to know! #sharewithme xx

  4. At the moment we are that “normal” family but if we decide to have more I worry about these sorts of things! There should definitely be more options for “large” families #sharewithme

  5. My daughter finds this a major problem as well, and she has one more than you. Adjoining rooms can be an option but that starts to get expensive and she is not keen on splitting up the children.
    She usually settles for a caravan or a holiday cottage, while this does not give you a B&B option it does mean there is room for them all. She still needs the travel cot for Ziggy and high chairs for three of them so more suited to their stage of family life.

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