Lash envy

How is it fair girls, that some boys are blessed with the most incredible eyelashes?

In actual fact, all four of the children have lovely long lashes. Two of them are still very blonde and so you can’t see the lashes so well unless you are very close up. My daughter has beautiful long, dark lashes, but this little chaps are just extra long – the kind that every woman would love!


It would be fair to say I have lash envy!

He certainly knows how to work these lashes as well. He has got the flutter down to a tee, slightly angling his head and looking down, so you get the full on effect. The boy has skills.

He is loving his Clarke Kent look at the moment, having popped the lenses out of the 3D cinema glasses, which seem to frame the lashes and accentuate them even further.

I’m sure these long lashes will prove very useful in coming years. The disadvantage for me as a parent of course is that these luscious lashes make it very hard to be cross with him. Which of course he has utterly sussed!

How do your children win you over?

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