What makes a good mascara?

If I could only have one item in my make up bag for the rest of my life it would be mascara. I’m one of those people that feels bald if I’m not wearing mascara, and it’s probably the make up item I am the most picky about. I don’t entertain rubbish mascara. Everyone is […]

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Lash envy

long eyelashes

How is it fair girls, that some boys are blessed with the most incredible eyelashes? In actual fact, all four of the children have lovely long lashes. Two of them are still very blonde and so you can’t see the lashes so well unless you are very close up. My daughter has beautiful long, dark […]

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Eyelash Extensions: Aftercare and Useful Tips

This is a Guest Post by a member of the Lash Design Team Another year, another interminable yet somehow squeamishly enjoyable Academy Awards telecast. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out the injustice one suffers as a non-pay TV subscribing viewer. There’s no red carpet brouhaha, no anodyne Richard Wilkins  commentary- just a […]

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