Making bath and shower time FUN

Bath and shower time can be quite stressful for parents. Whilst the process of baths and showers for children changes over time as children grown up and become more independent, this can remain a time of high tension or stress in the household.

This is often exacerbated during manic weeks when everyone is busy with work and school and after school activities.

When my children were little, bath time used to take about two hours. Getting four of them bathed and ready for bed was a mission! They were always wild at that time of the day too. These days it’s more like them fighting for the hot water in the shower and arguing either about who is going first, or just point blank refusing to co-operate. Sound familiar to anyone? One thing that hasn’t changed much is how wild they are at that time of day – if there is going to be a disagreement, you can guarantee it will be then. Inevitably, this often prolongs the process.

I’ve tried a range of things to try and make this time of day run a bit more smoothly. The truth is, it is very hit and miss. One thing I always do is ensure the children have a shower after swimming lessons, the days they have those as then that is one less to get through the shower when we eventually get home.

Remembering to put the hot water on and try to stagger the time they all want showers is also important, but not always practical when there are lots of after school activities going on.

Making shower time fun (for the little ones) is something I try to have in my back pocket for those days when they are not cooperating and using every excuse going not to get in.

This is when Kids Stuff Crazy products come in really handy! I’ve been using these products with the children for years. They are a great way to encourage little ones who are reluctant or resistant to bath or shower time to get in! They have a range of fun and exciting products which make this time of the day something to look forward to – they also offer a real sensory experience.

My children love the colour-changing bubble bath and the crazy foam. These offer a dual purpose of having fun and getting clean – winner!

The foam comes in four colours and can be squirted on the children themselves easily, or onto/into the bath or shower. It’s mouldable too, so they can make shapes with it before they use it to clean themselves.

Simply point the can downwards and spray desired amount into palm of hand. Rinse skin after use. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. For best results use at room temperature. Wipe clean the bottle and nozzle before storing away in a cool dry place. It couldn’t be easier to make this time of the day fun!

Top Tip: remember to rinse off your shower or bath afterwards – I came down to a purple frenzy over the shower tiles the other day because I forgot!

Available on Amazon, supermarkets, pharmacies and direct from the website. Enjoy!


  1. Indeed, bath and shower time can be a challenging time of day for parents with young children, and it requires some strategies to make it more enjoyable. Your experience with the Kids Stuff Crazy products is helpful, especially for those who are looking for ways to encourage their children to take a bath or shower. The idea of making shower time fun by using color-changing bubble baths and crazy foam is brilliant! It offers a dual purpose of having fun and getting clean, and it could be a game-changer for parents struggling to make bath time a less stressful experience. Thanks for sharing your tips and your experience with these products.

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