Marvellous Colour Combinations for Your Kitchen

Finding the perfect colour combination for your kitchen can be challenging because you need to consider several factors, such as the other elements in the room, flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and backlash. 

The kitchen is the room of the house where you want to be positive, relaxed, and super-productive. And as you already know, the colours surrounding you can impact your emotions, mood, and productivity. So, you must design the space using uplifting hues to spark creativity and increase output. 

Check these inspirational colour combinations, whether you want to revamp your kitchen or are a home decorator who wants to find the latest trends. 

Green, red and grey

You may think this is a combination perfect for the holiday season, but the truth is it’ll look fabulous no matter the time of the year. A mix between these three colours will spike up your cook times and make you feel energized every time you enter this special house room. Pick a red or green kitchen island, and tone it down with wall paint in the complementary hue. If you think red is too bold for painting an entire wall, use it for the island and emerald green for the walls. Black or grey cabinetry will tame down the wild hues.

For this colour combination to work, you need to use a minimal design and limit the additional decorative elements. 

White and white

Weren’t we supposed to list colour combinations? Indeed, we were, but all-white kitchens have always been a huge trend, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. A mix of different shades of white can make your kitchen look contemporary and clean. If you’re a meticulous cleaner, an all-white cooking space may be the best choice for you. However, make sure that you buy easy-to-clean kitchen cabinets that don’t stain easily, otherwise, your worst nightmare will come true. 

When designing a white kitchen, the best thing is that you can mix it with any other hue, and it’ll work great. So, if you cannot decide upon a colour scheme, creating a white canvas provides you with the perfect background for trying countless combinations. 

White and blue

As stated above, white works great as a canvas for other colours. Bring the fresh and soothing beach vibes in the kitchen with this mix. You have two options, you either paint the walls white and use blue-colours cabinets or pick a lighter shade of blue for the walls and install glossy white cabinets. Steel accents look marvellously with this combination, so purchasing silver-toned appliances is a wonderful idea.    

Green, pink, and grey

If you’re more the type of homeowner who prefers warm tones instead of crisp whites, this colour mix may be more suitable for your kitchen. It’s a unique combination, and you have to choose the proportions of each hue carefully. Create the background by applying a dark shade of grey on the wall where you’ll install the peach-pink cabinets. The dark shade will highlight their warmth and make it pop from the moment you enter the room. If you paint the other walls vibrant green, you transform the kitchen into a show stopper. 

Keep the floor in a cream or nude shade to maintain the focus on the accent walls. If you have room for a table or island in the kitchen, a carbon-coloured one with green velvet chairs will give the space a sophisticated look. This colour combination allows using metallic accents of gold. 

Whites and neutral browns

And we come back to whites because they’re so easy to match with any colour of the rainbow. Brown may not be a rainbow colour, but a combination of multiple hues, yet it works great with whites. If you pick this mix, you make the kitchen look fuss-free. Brown is a colour you find in nature and makes every interior space feel connected with the outdoors. For a kitchen coloured in this combination of hues, you may want to keep the furniture finishes rawer to give the area an earthy appeal. 

Black and wood

This colour combination isn’t for any house or homeowner. Black walls and wood-coloured cabinets, and an island make the space look sophisticated. You don’t even feel like cooking when you enter the room because it looks more suitable for cocktail parties and corporate meetings. And considering that the pandemic is far from being over, your kitchen can be the place from where you run a business meeting, especially when it looks this cool. 

Depending on your house style and how much wood you intend to use, you can create a minimalist or earthy and outdoorsy atmosphere. Most would say that this is the perfect combination for a bachelor’s kitchen, but we think it would look great in any minimalist house. And where do you count that the colour palette allows you to add backsplashes and accents in any colour?

Grey and green

Interior home designers think green will be the star of 2022 for kitchen design. People spent more time in their kitchens during the pandemic, trying new recipes and enjoying meals with their families and friends. But they missed the outdoors more than ever and searched for ways to bring nature inside their houses. And because green is the colour most associated with nature, they often used it to decorate home spaces. 

The combination between grey and green is soothing and allows you to add a pop of colour to your favourite room in the house without making it too harsh on the eyes. You obtain an elegant effect if you accent the design with some simple ledges, light fixtures, and oversized plants. 

Blue, copper, and gold

If you feel in the mood for a kitchen makeover, you can create a stunning effect with a mix of dark blue and copper and gold accessories. This is a rich combination only the boldest homeowners would feel courageous enough to try. Use the metallic shades for the shelves, side tables, drawer knobs, and light fixtures. 

Are you ready to revamp your kitchen?

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