Online Poker – Can Women Beat the Men?

It might seem next to impossible a few years back, but today, women are all set to rock the Poker world with titles and accolades that prove them better than their male counterparts. The online Poker accessibility has given a new boom to the female players.

Trends of online casinos using legit online poker sites show that players who made their way to success by practicing regularly at physical casinos, irrespective of male or female, are now finding it much easier to learn tricks online. However, there are important factors that give women a winning edge over men in online Poker.

Women prefer online Poker tables


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There was a time a few years back when Poker was the roadside gambler’s game. So, only men dared to try their luck at Poker tables in casinos. Women who played the game were so less that you could count them on your fingers.

In the early 2000s, the online Poker boom knocked the world. This was the main reason how women started playing more poker. Today, the female poker players find it extremely convenient to play online Poker. They can discuss poker rules and strategies as well as practice repeatedly without walking into a real casino. They get to avoid rounds with sweaty guys over tables too! As more and more women enter the Poker campus every day, new pros and champs are in the making.

Online Poker – no longer a man’s game

Female poker players have made it large in the poker business. Vanessa Rousso became a popular figure on the reality show Stateside by becoming a leading poker player. Names like Jennifer Tilly, whose earnings amount to $1 million, from Hollywood came to be heard loud in the public on shows like High Stakes Poker.

Poker gave Annie Duke such a big identity that she showed up in the Apprentice US version too! These and many more similar examples have proven the fact that poker is not limited to men now. In fact, men can find serious competition in the female online poker players and can beat too.


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Laxity in legal norms

The concept of online gambling in the UK’s online casinos has gone from exceptional to the new age norm. The Gambling Act 2005 allows playing low stake casino games in pubs. Since then, players in UK have been enjoying playing Poker and other similar casino games much more freely. Even in the USA, there has been a massive increase in the acceptance levels for gambling. So, men and women are equally interested in engaging in the social events associated with online Poker.

Online casinos are quite welcoming

Most of the online casinos are easy going with their members and have a lot of attractive promotional offers too. Registering with an online casino poker gives great chances of entertaining rounds of poker. You can play on the go, anywhere and everywhere. This encourages the female players to play poker more often, like while relaxing on a holiday, or even during their maternity leave.

Women starting to play Poker professionally

As seen in the WSOP 2012, twenty women broke records and entered the Final Event. With the likes of players like Vanessa Selbst, there can be no doubts regarding the playing capabilities of female players who can beat men on the Poker table.

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