Perimenopause: taking early action could save your life

Have I got your attention? Hope so. I won’t apologise for the title of this article as this statement is true, based on the evidence currently available. The more I read about and research perimenopause and menopause, the more scandalous I think it is that HRT is portrayed in such a negative light, when, in reality, it should be portrayed as a lifesaver.

So what is perimenopause? It’s basically the build up to the menopause. A time when your periods may become erratic, and a whole range of symptoms may begin to develop. This can happen around 10 years prior to the menopause.

The average age of the menopause is 51, which means the average age of perimenopause is 41 – so, look around you. If you are yourself in this age bracket, or you know women who are, listen up.

The loss of hormones you experience as you enter this time of life doesn’t improve over time without intervention – The impact of the lack of hormones continues for the rest of your life. The long term impact of a lack of hormones can be huge on both body and mind.

If you had an iron deficiency or a Vitamin B12 deficiency, you would take a supplement. This is no different, this is a hormone deficiency that needs ‘topping up’. You can do this with HRT.

There are so many examples of women all over the world being mis-diagnosed when it comes to perimenopause – don’t let yourself be one of them. Ensure you are well-read on the subject and spend time seeking out evidenced-based research and authority voices on this subject. One of the things that is often confused with perimenopause are thyroid issues. Your doctor may want to check for this. Places like The Lucy Rose Clinic can offer solutions if you discover an issue with your thyroid. Here are a few starting points for you to consider.

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  • You should not take HRT for more than 5 years
  • HRT is addictive
  • HRT causes breast cancer
  • HRT makes you gain weight
  • HRT is a middle class luxury


  • The majority of women will benefit from taking HRT
  • HRT reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s (a huge killer of women in the UK) and therefore the pressure on care homes, the NHS and families
  • HRT reduces the risk of Osteoporosis and therefore reduces the strain on the NHS
  • HRT reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease when taken early (in perimenopause)
  • Alcohol is a bigger risk than HRT for developing breast cancer
  • Being overweight is a bigger risk than HRT for developing breast cancer
  • HRT boosts your energy, mood and helps your joints, so you are more likely to exercise and take care of yourself
  • HRT can improve a woman’s quality of life significantly
  • HRT reduces the risk of dying from COVID
  • HRT supports the immune system

For comprehensive information about the perimenopause and menopause read and listen to anything from Dr Louise Newson, and download her free app. She is a real authority on the subject, challenging out-dated perspectives and her no-nonsense approach is so refreshing.

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