Why Do People Choose Under Stairs Storage?

In the modern world, people value free space more than ever. It makes no sense to burden yourself and your home with oversized furniture. As you know, the biggest pieces of furniture have always been a bed and a wardrobe. If the size of the bed is its advantage rather than a disadvantage, the wardrobe is a completely different situation.

Many homeowners choose under stairs storage and enjoy a spacious home without giant closets in the rooms. – after all, this is often wasted space!

Interestingly, any wardrobe can be used in this way. You can visit the website to make sure. For example, a sliding door wardrobe can be placed in an unusual and original way under the stairs. If you choose a cabinet with a mirror, it will fit perfectly in a small hallway. Mirrors that reflect light will make the space brighter.

Due to the fact that under stairs storage is often characterised by minimalism combined with elegance, it is ideal for modern interiors, especially with a Scandinavian atmosphere or industrial style.

Can an Under Stairs Storage Be Variable? 

You need to pay attention to the inside of your wardrobe. This is a real craft for furniture fittings manufacturers. You can choose:

  •  types of beams
  •  pantographs
  •  hangers for various clothes
  •  boxes and baskets for shoes, scarves, belts, and other small items

All of these will facilitate the use of the wardrobe and keep it in order. A properly organised wardrobe saves time and effort, which we often spend searching for things lost in the depths of the wardrobe.

Besides, this wonderful solution allows you to make the best use of space in the room, not only getting a lot of storage space but, at the same, time without limiting the surface of the hall. Most often, they are made for order, which definitely gives many options for interior design, depending on individual needs. 

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  1. My husband is a carpenter and has had so many people ask for units to be built for under the stairs recently! I’m still waiting for him to do ours though!

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