It is fair to say that 2020 so far has hit most of us like a sledgehammer, challenging what we consider as ‘normal’ life on a daily basis. However, despite the uncertainly, worry, stress and juggling COVID-19 has created, it has also presented a number of opportunities.

Opportunities to do things we might not ordinarily have the time or opportunity for.

If you are struggling to fill the last few weeks before schools open up, or if you live in a part of the world where the virus still remains a significant threat and you are homeschooling, try out some of the things below.


1. Colouring – It is time to use a colouring book and colouring kits and make your world more colourful. It stimulates creativity and develops hand-focus.

2. Writing and reading – Help your children develop their vocabulary, fluency, and expression through writing and reading. Let them write on simple topics like family topics or topics about toys. If they write about something they are interested in they will be more engaged. Writing is writing, reading is reading.

3. Story-telling – Read them children’s stories as much as you want them to develop their brain, social skills, and communication skills. Teaching them the value of books and stories enhances your child’s imagination and curiosity.

4. Educate your child’s values – Gather your children and teach them the value of life. Nurturing a child’s behaviour is the key to their future success. In-still them the importance of being a good person. Talk to them, discuss scenarios – we do this on our family walks. They can ask questions and we can discuss a range of topics between us.

5. Movies or TV-series marathon – Turn off the lights and install your entertainment device and enjoy the hours together by watching your favourite shows.

6. Completing puzzles board games – Bring on your jigsaw puzzles and solve it with your kids, or play chess games with them. It boosts the child’s problem-solving skills and hand coordination. Having a puzzle marathon can be lots of fun and burn through a few hours and has a significant impact on concentration levels.

7. Learn to play a musical instrument – Set up the available instrument in the house and play along with them. Who knows what interests and talents may develop from that!

8. Indoor picnic – Lay down a blanket on your living room and add some soft cushions and more pillows to make a picnic scene. And with your favourite foods to share, you will have a fun camping moment. Children love picnic outings, but this time it should be done inside the house or in the backyard.

9. Organise a role-play – Use your imagination, and theirs and enjoy a role-play.

11. Talent show – Have a mini show that will showcase your child’s talents and abilities such as acting, dance, poems, spelling, word meanings, etc. They could even design tickets or a programme for their show.


Allowing your children to help out around the house can help them figure out what they’re capable of like sweeping the floor, making their bed, or how the laundry works using the 12kg washing machine.

Some more chores that you could enjoy together are cleaning utensils, and watering the plants, children can also be a part of it but with your supervision and guidance.


Involve your youngsters in your yoga and meditation sessions and relaxation activities. In this way, children will learn the importance of health care at an early age. We have some lovely yoga dice that we have been using together, this makes yoga into a game they can enjoy.


Gather all the materials and tools and lead them to create masterpieces out of something which involves painting, up cycling and DIY projects. Craft encourages children to become creative and resourceful in a fun way. When kids experiment with materials, they develop their artistic ability and boost their self-confidence, and it makes them happy because they were able to create things on their own.


Children are also often interested in activities around the kitchen. You may allow them to help in food preparations, and educate them about kitchen-stuff and utensils. Cooking and baking together can be a great way to spend time as a family.

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